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We move large boats by road in and around the Gold Coast. Professional local or interstate boat relocation services.

Leading boat transport company in Gold Coast, Queensland

Choosing a boat transport company on the Gold Coast can be confusing as there are so many, but it is important to remember you need to choose an expert to ensure such a heavy, expensive vessel is moved safely. Slip Away can not only do this safely but we organise everything for you like the necessary permits, certifications, timing of delivery or pickups and even route planning. We have been providing affordable boats transportation services in Gold Coast and Queensland for many years.

Our team makes sure there that every client knows upfront the exact costs and there are no last-minute extra charges, fees or overheads they have to pay for. It’s just a small part of the reason so many people choose us & how we can regularly be fully insured, amongst the safest interstate boat transport by road companies available in Gold Coast and Queensland.

Over the years Slip Away has become known for its affordable, hassle-free, and transparent way of conducting business so that is why we have become one of the most well-known boat movers on the Gold Coast and Queensland. People love dealing with Peter who is a straight shooter, loves the odd swear word & is a local Australian that loves dealing with Queenslanders. He prides himself on being prompt, reliable, budget-conscious and giving every customer complete satisfaction. If you want an instant quote for your boat to get moved in Queensland just call him, you’ll get a price in 30 seconds. 


Professional experts for interstate transportation

Everything we do is focused on providing a simple to use service where you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our specialist boat movers are well-equipped with custom made equipment that has been built for a single purpose – moving boats. Our fully-equipped fleet can carry or transport vessels of miscellaneous sizes and shapes from Queensland and Gold Coast to all other states in Australia. 

Competitively priced boat moving Gold Coast; 
Slip Away’s boat moving service is affordable, competitive and our extremely reasonable rates are amongst the best in the marine transport industry in Australia. 

Highly skilled professionals; 
Our drivers are highly skilled, have years of experience and have handled all kinds of boats from million dollar Riviera’s to Mustang cruisers. Irrespective of the shape and size they know how to deal with them safely whether that is depot-to-depot or boat dealer to marina pick-up or deliveries our boat movers handle it all with extreme caution and care.

Fully insured boat movers in Queensland and Gold Coast: 
Every boat that we move is fully-insured so rest assured your boat is transported with utmost safety, reliability, reduced down times from Queensland and Gold Coast to other states.

100 % customer satisfaction:
Not everyone will write a review on Google or Facebook but Slip Away has never had a complaint even after all the years of operating & handling thousands of boats. Peter makes sure everything that Slip Away does is customer friendly, proficient and that our company provides the quickest means of interstate boat transport services for a wide range of boats, from Gold Coast to any other Australia-wide states.

No extra overheads or costs for boat transport Gold Coast and Queensland:
Other companies might not disclose other fees, or have extra charges after the service commences. We don’t do that. We focus on providing an all inclusive fixed price quotation so you know exactly how much it is going to cost to move your boat. We will also give you advice on how to save money.

Choose a company that specialises in marine transportation anywhere on the Gold coast and Queensland to make sure you get the right service irrespective of the size of your vessel. You can save on unwanted costs such as water shipping costs, bad weather conditions or skipper fees to reduce your expenses significantly. 

Gold Coast boat transportation company

Slip Away is a company that has been providing boat relocation services on the Gold Coast for many years. You deal directly with Peter, the owner & operator, who works hard to maintain a high level of personal service. Slip Away is one of the boat movers on the Gold Coast with an enviable industry reputation for hauling boats by road either locally or along our most popular interstate routes that include;
– Gold Coast to Sydney
– Gold Coast to Melbourne
– Gold Coast to Perth
– Gold Coast to Adelaide

If you want expert boat transportation then Slip Away makes it easy to get a boat picked up or delivered from anywhere from one marina to another. There is no need to be worried about safety or damage as it is getting moved by road because his equipment is specially designed for marine transportation. 

Peter can get your boat delivered to the location you need without any delay either locally or interstate. His specialist boat transportation company on the Goal Coast is dedicated to serving boat owners or buyers and we don’t load other freight together with your large boat. 

Slip Away is a boat transportation company in Queensland that is highly skilled and experienced at providing boat relocation to clients with our safe, efficient, and reliable moving solutions. Everything we do has a focus on exceeding your expectations using our custom built transport logistic equipment for 20 to 60 foot long boats.

An email or phone call is all it takes to get a quote to find out what it costs to move your boat and then have everything arranged for you. We will get your boat moved by road with all the necessary transportation arrangements including permits, pilot vehicles and bookings as needed.

What is the cost for Gold Coast boat transport?

We can give you a free written quote to work out the cost of Gold Coast boat transport. Usually the cost will be between $500 to $20,000 which sounds like a big variance in pricing, but that is because there are hundreds of factors to consider. For example transporting a boat locally from Gold Coast to Brisbane that is 20 foot long is cheaper than a 50 foot boat getting hauled interstate to Sydney.

We need to know certain things to work out the cost of transportation such as;

  • Where is the boat located.
  • What is the weight.
  • What type of vessel is it.
  • How quickly does it need to be moved.
  • What is the access like to pick up or drop off?
  • The total distance & time needed to travel between the two locations.

So, in some instances it could be a short trip from Brisbane to the Gold Coast which is different to taking a boat interstate from Runaway Bay down to Nelson Bay in NSW which is one of our popular boat hauling routes.

Why transport a boat on the Gold Coast?

Runaway Bay is one of the most popular coastal suburbs on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. It is one of our top three locations our company gets asked to transport boats to because of the mix of waterways, beaches and waterfront residential homes. With a population of just over nine thousand people is the northern area of the Gold Coast with a large number of choices to use your boat or get it put into the water.

The bay provides close access to South Stradbroke Island and the amazing canal system which is why it was originally known as Angler’s Paradise. This area is a fishing boater’s heaven with a feast of either deep sea reef or game fishing options as well as the more relaxed choice of dropping your line in a calm water estuary. That is why so many boats are transported to Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast.

The waterways around here are known for their local snapper, kingfish, pearl perch, tuna, wahoo or mackerel or if you venture out deeper, you might just bag yourself a marlin or sailfish. We quite often move fishing boats so they can be used in different locations when the seasons change.

There is also the local Runaway Bay Marina that is packed with luxury yachts where we can deliver or pick up from. Our towing vehicle and trailer can fit on all the local streets, roads and ramps to make it easy for us to meet you at your location. 

Gold Coast boat transport by road

Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast is a very unique location and very popular for boat owners because there are more than ten boat ramps in the local area. It is a location that provides plenty of choices for boat owners because there are boat ramps that provide access to calm canal waters or the open ocean.  It is a short boat trip to get to Stradbroke Island for example for a day out with the family.

That is why so many people use our Gold Coast boat transport by road because we are able to get large boats into nearly any marina. We have custom built our trailers to handle anything up to 60 foot long. Our trailer can be driven into a marina so your boat can be lifted out and into storage or floated into the water from a crane.

How to transport your boat to Gold Coast after buying it

Slip Away can give you a free quotation for the cost of transporting your boat to or from the Gold Coast so that you can work out how much the total amount will be for the boat you are thinking of buying. If you are located in NSW but want to buy a boat from say Gold Coast City Marina then we can help in those situations as well because we regularly move boats interstate between Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales

We can pick up your boat from a local boat broker, dealer, marina or a storage facility on the Gold Coast.

How do you pick up your boat from an auction or dealer in Queensland?

If you are thinking about buying a boat online from companies like Grays then you have lots of options to get it moved from any location in Queensland or New South Wales because Slip Away is the preferred boat transport company that they use.  For the boat listings that are relevant, you will see our details in the Inspection and Collection tab. 

So if you are thinking about buying a boat from an auction and transporting to or from Queensland then Slip Away can provide a no obligation boat transport quote to get your boat picked up from a Grays storage facility then moved to a marina, put in the water at a boat ramp in Runaway Bay or delivered to your house. We can move nearly any type of boat by road using our towing vehicle and specialist boat trailers.

The best way to calculate the total price of buying a boat from an auction is do your research first to understand the buying fees plus transport costs & things like insurance.


Can you buy a boat & transport it interstate to the Gold Coast?

You might live in Sydney, buy a boat and want to take it up to Gold Coast to use it. This is very easy to do, for example you can buy a used luxury boat from a broker in Sydney like Luxury Marine  & they will co-ordinate with us to move it by road for you. 

Most large boats are hard to tow using a normal vehicle. Although you can have one lifted onto our trailer and we will take it for you, ready to be used on the water at waterway locations like Runaway Bay.

A lot of owners will do this instead of buying a property because it is more cost effective & gives you better flexibility because you can move around instead of staying in one location.

We understand that transporting your boat can be stressful, but with our boat relocation services, we make it easy for you. Our yacht or boat moving company has years of experience with specialist expertise in boat moving, relocating, delivery & hauling. We also offer a boat pick up service to make it even more convenient for you to get your new vessel from a dealer or builder.

Our boat transport services covers a wide range of locations with our routes taking boats by road from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth. 

We have a team of experienced boat movers who use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your boat. We have specialised haulage equipment for large boat moving, fully equipped to handle any type of boat, from 20 foot to 60 foot long vessels houseboats, yachts and everything in between.

Our boat transport costs are reasonable and competitive, and we provide you with a detailed quote that outlines all the costs involved in the boat transportation services for your specific destinations. Our boat transportation services are transparent, and we have no hidden fees or charges. We are upfront about our boat transport interstate cost, so you can make an informed decision.

We offer boat hauling services that ensure your boat is loaded and transported with the utmost care. Our boat transporter will pick up your boat and deliver it to your destination on time and without any hassle. We take pride in our boat delivery service, and we guarantee that your boat will arrive at your destination in the same condition as when we picked it up.

Our coast-to-coast boat transport services cover all areas of Australia, so no matter where you are located, we can transport your boat. We offer boat relocating services that make it easy for you to relocate your boat without any stress.



We can transport large boats on the Gold Coast with these sizes;

  • 10 foot to 60 foot long
  • 1 to 10 tonnes
  • Up to 5 metres high
  • Up to 3.5 metres wide


Although everything will depend on the combined weight and size of your boat together with the trailer we need to use. So it is best to contact us to get a cost estimate and give us a few more details about the boat you are trying to relocate.

The most popular boat relocation destinations are the Gold Coast Runaway Bay, Sanctuary Cove Gold Coast, Gold Coast City Marina, Hastings Melbourne, Rose Bay Sydney, Nelson Bay Central Coast

Slip Away is a Queensland boat transportation specialist that is can pick up and drop off boats on the Gold Coast or interstate. We have been doing boat haulage by road for many years and the cost to have your boat transported from the Gold Coast to other locations will depend on a number of factors such as;

  • The distance we need to travel.
  • The size of the trailer and truck needed to safely transport your boat.
  • The type of pick or collection site it is e.g Marina, House or Boat Ramp.
  • How fast you need your boat transported.
  • The size of your boat, we can transport boats up to 33 feet in size.
  • The type of boat it is.

To get a cost to get interstate boat transport just use contact us to get a free quotation. Once we have all the details we can provide you with some cost options for transporting your boat from one state to another. Typically the drive from Gold Coast to Sydney is about 1,000 kilometres and can take between 10 and 20 hours excluding rest stops or depending on how heavy the overall load is. 

Most trips are done on the A1 Pacific Highway and this road follows the line of the coast while being the main method used by most road transportation companies. If needed we can also take the New England Highway depending on the exact departure and arrival destinations.

The first option to move your boat from Gold Coast to Sydney could be to sail or drive it down if it can go in the open ocean. This might be a nice, relaxing way to move your boat.
You can move your boat without a trailer by using a boat transportation specialist in Gold Coast. Slip Away Boat Transport can pick your boat up from a boat ramp or a marina to move it to Sydney by road. This is usually the easiest and fastest way to get it done.
Yes it is very easy to buy a boat from a dealership or private seller in Brisbane then transport it to Sydney. We can put it on our boat trailers and move it by road to a local marina in Sydney or even a boat surveyor for you.