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There is no such thing as a single, one size fits all, boat transport cost estimate. There are literally too many variables to consider and too many people don’t even consider that time has to be allocated to the loading & unloading of your boat. Another cost factor to consider apart from the obvious ones of weight, distance & destinations is whether your boat can be moved during normal working hours or not. 

In some situations large boats may have to be moved late at night, so a relocation that might be two hundred kilometres that seems like it will take a couple of hours could actually be a two day job that takes 12 hours and require pilot vehicles. So getting a boat transport quote instantly is very possible, we do it all the time over the phone or via email, but we have to know quite a few details before we can provide an accurate price.

You have to keep in mind that transporting a boat requires skill, patience & experience so you are not just paying a person to drive a truck for a few hours, you want someone that is skilled at handling large loads that are worth $50,000 or more. That is why boat transport costs will vary so much.

Also keep in mind that the cost to transport a boat also comes down to the equipment needed. A prime mover is an expensive vehicle to operate from fuel, tyres, insurance and maintenance. Therefore it will cost more compared to someone on Gumtree offering to move a boat using their Toyota Hilux, although consider the risks involved. Most local boat movers may not even have insurance coverage.

So they are just a few things to consider when you are trying to figure out the cost of boat transport, we are more than happy to provide an instant quote over the phone or via email.