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Save money on marina lifting fees, we’ll pick you up at a boat ramp


Fast, free quotes, boat ramp transport


It doesn’t matter what type of boat you need transported, we have the equipment and experience to move any type of marine vessel by picking it up at a boat ramp, you just float it on. This includes; leisure, fishing, bowriders, centre console, cuddy cabin, flybridge cruiser, sports cruiser, walk-around, centre cabins or even side consoles.

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what locations does our boat RAMP transport service cover?

We cover all areas in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria with local boat transport in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast as well as interstate options.


Float your boat on
  • Save on marina fees
  • Easy pick up or drop off
  • Lots of locations


Pick ups & drop offs
  • From crane to trailer
  • Any boat marina
  • Marina storage areas


New or used boats
  • Buy new or used
  • Local or interstate
  • Move fishing spots


Buy a boat online
  • 15 to 30 foot boats
  • Moved by road
  • Dealers or Auctions


Door to door TRANSPORT

We can transport your boat practically anywhere. This includes relocating it from a house, a marina or even to a boat ramp making it easy to get your boat to another location quickly so it is ready to use.


We can give you a free boat transportation quote in minutes once we have a few details to work out what boat it is and where it has to go.


We have our own custom made trailers plus towing balls with pintle hook & gooseneck hitches that can suit a wide range of trailers to be adaptable for all relocation needs.


We are a boat transport company that has been moving large boats in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast for many years. We have road going heavy duty transport & towing vehicles.


Our transportation is fully insured so your boat is covered while we are moving it. Our expert team have been doing heavy freight for years.


Our towing vehicle has the latest suspension to handle heavy loads and safely relocate large boats long distances. This makes it easy to get your boat taken to any location you need.

How does boat transport from a boat ramp work?

  • Save money on marina lifting fees
  • Float on boat transport service in New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria
  • Float your boat onto our trailer & we move it by road
  • Interstate float on float off options available

Slip Away has been delivering a range of specialist boat transport solutions for many years in Australia for private or commercial needs with a focus on New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We don’t operate via depots, 3rd party storage areas or marinas, we come to you with our door to door service wherever the boat is located, able to handle all types of marine vessels or watercraft.


Our float on float off boat transport service makes things even easier as there is no need for trailers, middle men transport or any hassle, just float up and we’ll pick you up at the boat ramp with our professional float on boat trailers. Our fleet of specialised boat transportation trucks have been developed and designed to make boat transport by road quick, safe and efficient. You can move a boat in Sydney from one marina to another, relocate it from interstate or get it delivered to your house. Our marine transport service can accomodate any situation when it comes to transportation, haulage, moving or relocating. It is cheaper and more cost effective to have your marine equipment transported by Slip Away’s marine transportation services compared to hauling it by boat trailer or driving it over water. You can save on engine hours, fuel, time and avoid issues with weather or tides.


We can move boats of all types, shapes and sizes and are fully insured. The Slip Away team is dedicated and professional, specialising in marine transportation for all types of boating equipment safely and quickly. Call, sms or email us for a free quotation for your marine transport needs in Sydney or interstate.

Examples of boat ramp locations in New South Wales we can transport a boat
  • Port Macquarie
  • Lake Macquarie
  • Nelson Bay
  • Forster
  • Yamba
  • Eden
  • Narooma
  • Bermagui
  • Sussex inlet
  • Tweed heads
  • Coffs Harbour
Examples of boat ramp locations in Queensland we can transport a boat
  • Tweed Heads
  • Broadbeach Waters
  • Bribie island
  • Noosa Heads
  • Harvey bay
  • Airlie beach
Examples of boat ramp locations in Victoria we can transport a boat
  • Paynesville 
  • Philip island
  • Lakes entrance
  • Queens cliff
  • Rosebud
  • Sorrento
  • Metung
  • Hastings

In pretty much all scenarios the cost to relocate your boat by road will be much less expensive compared to other forms of boat transportation. You can easily compare the costs of boat shipping or even water delivery. You have to consider things such as;

  • The cost of boat fuel.
  • Wear and tear if travelling on the open ocean.
  • The amount of unnecessary engine hours.
  • The cost of a skipper or crew to manage the boat.
  • What happens if there is a break down while it is on the ocean.
  • How to manage bad weather or changing sea swells.

Transporting a boat by road is now an accepted and very common way for owners to move their vessel where they need it. Slip Away’s has a fleet of transportation vehicles and trailers that have been specifically designed for the purpose of moving heavy loads, we often travel to the Gold Coast, Port Douglas, Cairns, Airlie Beach, Fraser Island and even Yeppoon.

Slip Away has received some great reviews over the years from clients who have been extremely happy with our transportation services.

Slip Away has been providing large boat transport in Brisbane and Gold Coast for many years. You might want to relocate your boat from one marina to another or take it with you when you move house. 

Sometimes people need to relocate their boat when they are buying or selling, we can help you quickly relocate it to finalise the transaction. This can even include having the boat lifted onto our trailer with a crane or floating it on at a boat ramp.

get your boat out of the water WITHOUT A TRAILER

Getting your boat out of the water and ready for transport can be  real hassle and a lot of risk if you aren’t 100% sure of what you are doing. Our team can meet you at the boat ramp with our float on boat trailer to pull your boat out of the water and transport it anywhere you like. We will take your boat by road to another boat ramp, a marina or a service provider to get repairs or maintenance done to your boat. 


There are lots of things to consider like the quality of the ramp, how busy it is, the weight of your boat, whether your vehicle can handle it and more. We take away all the stress from transporting your boat by doing all the hard work for you. All you have to do is meet us at a boat ramp and we’ll take care of the rest.


Here are the steps to get your boat out of the water at a boat ramp with Slip Away.


  1. Get a Quote. We provide Free Quotes so that you can work out how much it will cost to transport your boat. The cost to move your boat from a ramp will vary depending on the distance we have to travel, they type of boat and what the access is like. We look at the overall situation to then provide an accurate estimate cost to transport your boat.


  2. Choose a data and time. We are available 7 days a week to transport boats. Using our experience and knowledge we can help you plan the right time during the day to retrieve your boat. We will take things into consideration like high tide, what boat ramps are typically busy or even what is the best boat ramp to use.


  3. Prepare to arrive at the ramp. With all those details finalised on the day you will head to the agreed location for us to meet you. As you approach the shore you will need to rig your lines and fenders, while also making sure you have all your belongings ready. If applicable tilt your outboard motor or sterndrive before you reach the shallow water and let the momentum of your boat gently carry you in.


  4. Getting the trailer ready. For most people this is the most difficult part when you try to reverse the trailer, line the boat up straight and deal with either the wind, tides or waves making life difficult. Luckily with our service we do all the hard work for you. With our specialist boat transport equipment and years of experience we will get our trailer ready for your boat so that it is ready to pull out of the water quickly.


  5. Securing the boat. We will then help guide and secure the boat to be able to place it on our trailer correctly. We will make sure all the appropriate safety measures are put in place to protect you & your boat from harm.


  6. Getting ready for travel. Normally you would have to go through lots more checks like checking that all the lights are working correctly, removing drain plugs and more. Although we will help with all of this to make sure we are ready to go, all you have to worry about is meeting us at the other end.

A photo gallery from hundreds of jobs big and small. We are available 7 days a week for haulage, moving & relocation services.

We can transport large boats with these sizes;

  • 10 to 33 feet long
  • 1 to 10 tonnes
  • Up to 5 metres high
  • Up to 3.5 metres wide

Although everything will depend on the combined weight and size of your boat together with the trailer we need to use. So it is best to contact us to get a cost estimate and give us a few more details about the boat you are trying to relocate.

The most popular boat relocation destinations are the Gold Coast Runaway Bay, Sanctuary Cove Gold Coast, Gold Coast City Marina, Hastings Melbourne, Rose Bay Sydney, Nelson Bay Central Coast