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We transport any type of brand

It doesn’t matter what type of boat you need transported in Melbourne, we have the equipment and experience to move any type of marine vessel including; leisure, fishing, bowriders, centre console, cuddy cabin, flybridge cruiser, sports cruiser, walk-around, centre cabins or even side consoles.

what locations does our boat transport service cover?

We cover all areas in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria with local boat transport in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast as well as interstate options.


Pick ups & drop offs
  • From crane to trailer
  • Any boat marina
  • Marina storage areas


Float your boat on
  • Save on marina fees
  • Easy pick up or drop off
  • Lots of locations


New or used boats
  • Buy new or used
  • Local or interstate
  • Move fishing spots


Buy a boat online
  • 15 to 30 foot boats
  • Moved by road
  • Dealers or Auctions


Door to door TRANSPORT

We can transport your boat practically anywhere in Brisbane. This includes relocating it from a house, a marina or even to a boat ramp making it easy to get your boat to another location quickly so it is ready to use.


We can give you a free boat transportation quote in minutes once we have a few details to work out what boat it is and where it has to go.


We have our own custom made trailers plus towing balls with pintle hook & gooseneck hitches that can suit a wide range of trailers to be adaptable for all relocation needs.


We are a boat transport company that has been moving large boats in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast for many years. We have road going heavy duty transport & towing vehicles.


Our transportation is fully insured so your boat is covered while we are moving it. Our expert team have been doing heavy freight for years.


Our towing vehicle has the latest suspension to handle heavy loads and safely relocate large boats long distances. This makes it easy to get your boat taken to any location you need.

Interstate boat transport Melbourne to Sydney

Get a boat transportation quote to move your boat interstate from Melbourne to Sydney using a professional heavy load transport company like Slip Away

We specialise in delivering boats from Melbourne using our custom built boat hauling trailer and tow vehicles. Slip Away is an experienced interstate boat transportation service that has operated for many years in Australia to help private or commercial marine vessel owners safely transport their boats.

Slip Away is a local Australian boat transportation company that can move large boats up to 60 foot in size by road on the east coast of between New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We don’t operate via depots, 3rd party storage areas or marinas, we come to you with our door to door service wherever the boat is located; marina, boat dealer or even pick ups from a boat ramp.

Our boat trailer can carry or two all types of marine vessels or watercraft even if they have different shaped hulls, outboard motors or even twin hulls. It means we can keep provide low cost boat delivery costs with a personal, professional service. 

That is why we have so many great boat transport company reviews.


 Professional boat haulage by road

Our fleet of specialised haulage trailer equipment & tow vehicles have been designed and developed over the years to make transporting your boat interstate quick, safe and efficient. We can accomodate any situation when it comes to transportation including pick ups, long distance haulage, moving or relocating your boat from a marina or boat ramp in Victoria to anywhere in New South Wales or Queensland. It is cheaper and more cost effective to have your boat transported by Slip Away compared to trying to hire a trailer or driving it by water. You can save on engine hours, fuel, time and avoid issues with weather, tides or even boat breakdowns.


Large boat transport up to 60 foot

We can transport large boats or yachts of all types, shapes and sizes and are fully insured. The Slip Away team is dedicated and professional, specialising in transportation for all types of heavy load marine equipment. We do this with our incredible safety standards & move quickly between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Call, SMS or email us for a free quotation for your large boat transport needs in Melbourne.


What brands of boat can we transport?

We can transport any brand of boat, for example a Sea Ray Sundancer 310 can be moved from Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast down to Melbourne on our specialised haulage trailer that accommodates oversize boats. We can pick up a large cruiser boat from a boat dealer or a marina then deliver it to another state, anywhere you like. You might even want to get bout antifouling in Melbourne which we can help with too.


Where can we transport boats in Melbourne?

Melbourne is the coastal capital of the south east Australian state of Victoria. The city’s centre has Federation Square, with plazas, bars and restaurants that sit on the Yarra River and some people will take their boats into The Docklands

Melbourne has Australia’s largest bay which is perfect for sailing, driving your boat down the Yarra River or venturing to the open waters of Port Phillip Bay. Not many people realise but there is short term visitor berthing (up to 90 days) available in the heart of the city at Melbourne City Marina. It is the largest visitor berthing facility in the city and this marina offers a range of facilities with a great location just a short walk from the new Docklands entertainment area.

Boat owners have lots of choice in Melbourne with Gippsland being home to Australia’s largest groups of inland waterways and a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. There are lakes, national parks, port-side villages and the famous Ninety Mile Beach. There is also the seaside village of Mallacoota that is surrounded by beaches, promontories, wildlife and whale spotting at Croajingolong National Park. Many boat owners will also do things like hire a houseboat and wander along the Murray River to visit historic ports. 

 We we can pick up your boat from anywhere in Melbourne or surrounding areas like Portsea from places like;

and many other locations including Mornington Pier,  Hidden Harbour Pier and others.Our service is literally ‘location to location’ meaning we meet you at a boat ramp, storage facility, marina or boat dealer to pick up your boat and move it from Melbourne to Sydney or other locations.

There are over 300 marinas in Australia that cater for everything from small fleets of local boats to the ever-growing number of international super yachts coming from overseas each year. We can pick you boat up from any marina in Melbourne and then transport it to Sydney by road. Generally speaking, marinas are divided into three broad groups;

  1. Commercial
  2. Residential
  3. Club

Typically they provide more than just a basic boat storage service with many offering a wide range of choices to get more enjoyment from your boat ownership. We can move your boat to any marina on the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to Sydney. There are lots of choices and the eastern seaboard has Australia’s most popular cruising areas so some locations can get very crowded as they offer better facilities than others. Slip Away Boat Transport can pick your boat up from a boat ramp that can make things much easier sometimes. It is always important to do some research first and look at the distances between marinas, how busy they are and if you can book a berth ahead of time. You have to ensure you don’t run out of water or fuel at a remote location in between. Although transporting your boat part of the way by road can solve this too. A few of our favourite marinas that we do can provide boat transport from;



This is a well established marine with over 350 berths available. It has a 40-tonne travel lift that can place a boat on one of out trailers to be moved. There are on-site contractors, boat repairs, mechanic and more with 24 hour security. well-established facility, the club marina was a finalists for this year?s Marina of the Year Award.


D’Albora Marinas is the largest marina operator in Australia with seven marinas, offering exchange berthing rights and a premium service that has a great community of boat owners. , while fostering a genuine sense of belonging within our community. They have wet berthing and dry boat storage options with 69 wet berths (including 10 berths available for public usage), reciprocal berthing rights at all seven D’Albora locations, 7 days a week access to fuel, CCTV security, members lounge and more. 



Westernport Marina is on the Mornington Peninsula less than an hour from the city. It is ideal for boat owners who want to love their fishing, cruising and sailing but don’t want to worry about negotiating the heads to get out of Port Phillip Bay to reach the open water. The fishing in this area is amazing with snapper, whiting and gummy shark the main catch but also salmon, elephant fish, flathead, mulloway and calamari among the varieties often caught. They have both wet and dry berths plus a 40 tonne travel lift that can make marina boat pick ups very easy.

In pretty much all scenarios the cost to relocate your boat by road will be much less expensive compared to other forms of boat transportation in Melbourne. You can easily compare the costs of boat shipping or even water delivery. You have to consider things such as;

  • The cost of boat fuel.
  • Wear and tear if travelling on the open ocean.
  • The amount of unnecessary engine hours.
  • The cost of a skipper or crew to manage the boat.
  • What happens if there is a break down while it is on the ocean.
  • How to manage bad weather or changing sea swells.


Transporting a boat by road in Melbourne is now an accepted and very common way for owners to move their vessel where they need it. Slip Away’s has a fleet of transportation vehicles and trailers that have been specifically designed for the purpose of moving heavy loads, we often travel to Hastings, Patterson River, Brimbank Park, Barwon Heads or Bostock Reservoir amongst other places.

Slip Away has received some great reviews over the years from clients who have been extremely happy with our transportation services.

Slip Away has been providing large boat transport in Melbourne for many years. You might want to relocate your boat from one marina to another or take it with you when you move house. 

Sometimes people need to relocate their boat when they are buying or selling, we can help you quickly relocate it to finalise the transaction. This can even include having the boat lifted onto our trailer with a crane or floating it on at a boat ramp.


A photo gallery from hundreds of jobs big and small. We are available 7 days a week for haulage, moving & relocation services.

We can transport large boats with these sizes;

  • 10 to 60 feet long
  • 1 to 27 tonnes
  • Up to 5 metres high
  • Up to 3.5 metres wide

Although everything will depend on the combined weight and size of your boat together with the trailer we need to use. So it is best to contact us to get a cost estimate and give us a few more details about the boat you are trying to move in Melbourne.

The most popular boat transport destinations are Hastings, Patterson River, Brimbank Park, Barwon Heads or Bostock Reservoir amongst other places.

We can also move your boat from Melbourne up to Sydney, the Gold Coast Runaway Bay, Sanctuary Cove Gold Coast, Gold Coast City Marina, Rose Bay Sydney, Nelson Bay Central Coast or other locations.

Slip Away can give you a free quotation so you can calculate the cost to transport your boat in Melbourne or up to  Sydney or Brisbane.

Getting a quote from a transportation company means you can compare the cost to move your boat by road vs driving your boat by water. Slip Away is a transport company that can move your boat to and from Melbourne or other major cities in Victoria like Portsea, Queenscliffe, Torquay as well as other places along the Great Ocean Road.

Slip Away is an interstate boat transportation company that is based in NSW and has been doing boat haulage by road for many years. The cost to have your boat transported in Melbourne will depend on a number of factors such as;

  • The distance we need to travel.
  • The size of the trailer and truck needed to safely transport your boat.
  • The type of pick or collection site it is e.g Marina, House or Boat Ramp.
  • How fast you need your boat transported.
  • The size of your boat, we can transport boats up to 33 feet in size.
  • The type of boat it is.

To get a cost to get interstate boat transport just use the quote button to get a free quotation. Once we have all the details we can provide you with some cost options for transporting your boat from one state to another. Typically the drive from Melbourne to Sydney is about 1,000 kilometres and can take between 10 and 20 hours excluding rest stops or depending on how heavy the load is.

Most trips are done on the M31 National Highway and this road is a direct inland rout. We can also take the coastal route to stop at places like Lakes Entrance, Cape Conran,  Mallacoota, Eden and other coastal locations.So it means we will sometimes break up our boat haulage trip to pick up or drop off other boats along the way. 

The first option to move your boat from Melbourne could be to sail or drive it up if it can go in the open ocean. This might be a nice, relaxing way to move your boat but take a lot of time & be stressful to organise if you are not experienced. Many boats are not suitable to be used for long periods in the ocean.
You can move your boat without a trailer by using a boat transportation company in Melbourne. Slip Away Boat Transport can pick your boat up from a boat ramp or a marina to move it to another location in Victoria or intersttate by road.
This is usually the easiest and fastest way to get it done.
Yes it is very easy to buy a boat from a dealership, online auction or private seller in Melbourne then transport it to Sydney.
We can put it on our boat trailers and move it by road to a local marina in Sydney, a boat ramp or even a boat surveyor for you.
Yes we can pick up your boat from a marina or a boat ramp & take it to another location for you to go fishing. There are lots of choices in Melbourne & here is a guide on the 10 Best Fishing Spots to try out