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Slip Away is an experienced boat transport company that is by me, Peter. Yes you deal directly with the owner. No sales team, office manager or call centre – talk directly to the bloke who will move your boat, I’ll even give you a instant quote over the phone, no mucking around, I’m a straight shooter that loves driving on the open road around Australia.

There are lots of boat transport companies in Australia that you can choose from. There are even websites where you can put in your details & get lots of quotes from different companies. Although you can never really know who you are dealing with.

Peter has been moving large boats from a  boatyard to the waters edge at a marina since he was a teenager. Many large boats are just too problematic to move & in some cases illegal if they are oversized. Peter’s multi axle trailers are capable of manoeuvring into different spaces to pick your boat up and transporting it safely to the water’s edge, where it can be either craned into the water or unloaded at a marina. Peter fitted the latest hydraulic suspension so that his truck can move boats weighing up to 30 ton with precision.

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Peter runs the company with a safety first attitude. You can choose a local operator who might turn up with their 4WD to try and tow your boat but ultimately you are putting your safety & valuable possession at risk. Our company is licensed and qualified to move long, heavy & wide loads.


Our company has been moving all types of boats for more than 10 years. We’ve travelled to practically every boat dealer, marina or boat ramp on the east coast of Australia and have the experience to work in all types of locations or situations


We have all the necessary licenses and qualifications to haul heavy loads by road in Australia. Our company is even recommended by brands like Grays and In2thewild who use our services.


Yeah we know, in 2021 you wonder what reviews are real & what are fake right? Our company doesn’t bother to try the fame game & you will see that each of our reviews have been written by a real person & with details about their job. We even put the links to our profiles so you can check them for yourself.