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It doesn’t matter what type of boat you need transported, we have the equipment and experience to move any type of marine vessel from 10 to 60 foot in length and up to 27 tonnes in weight. 

We can transport all types and brands of boats including; leisure, fishing, bowriders, centre console, cuddy cabin, flybridge cruiser, sports cruiser, walk-around, centre cabins or even side consoles.

what locations does our boat transport service cover?

We drive to all areas in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria with local boat transport in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast as well as interstate options.


When you choose Slip Away for your boat transportation you get the peace of mind knowing that we are fully licensed, qualified and insured to transport any type of large boat by road in accordance to the rules and regulations set by NSW RMS, Maritime Safety Queensland & Maritime Safety Victoria.

Boat transport for all boat manufacturers & types.

Slip Away can transport any boat manufacturer brand including new or used boats bought in Australia from Arvor, Bayliner, Sea Ray, Mustang, and others. Our specially built transport equipment can accommodate different hull shapes, weights and lengths to safely move your boat.


Move a boat state to state
  • Any boat marina
  • Private or commercial


New or used boats
  • Buy new or used
  • Local or interstate
  • Move fishing spots


Float your boat on
  • Save on marina fees
  • Pick up or drop off
  • Lots of locations


Buy a boat online
  • 15 to 30 foot boats
  • Moved by road
  • Dealers or Auctions

LOW COST BOAT transportation costs

Door to door delivery

We can transport your boat practically anywhere. This includes transporting it from a house, a marina or even to a boat ramp making it easy to get your boat to another location quickly, ready to use.

Free transport quotes

We can give you a free boat transport quote in minutes once we have a few details to work out what boat it is and where it has to go.

Trailer & towing options

We have our own custom made trailers plus towing balls with pintle hook & gooseneck hitches that can suit a wide range of trailers to be adaptable for all relocation needs.

Transport Experts

We are a boat transportation company that has been moving large boats in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast for many years. We have road going heavy duty transport & towing vehicles.

Fully insured transport

Our transportation is fully insured so your boat is covered while we are moving it. Our expert team have been doing heavy freight for years.

Air ride suspension

Our tow vehicle has the latest air ride suspension to make boat access easier at boat ramps, to better protect vessels while moving & avoid obstacles - unique for trucks in its class.

Slip Away - your boat transport Service

Slip Away is a boat transport company in Australia that has an enviable reputation in the transportation industry. With more than 10 years of experience Slip Away has moved thousands of boats by road between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other locations. We make it easy to get your boat moved, delivered or relocated whether you have bought a used one, from a boat auction, or a brand new boat from a dealer.

Slip Away is Australian owned and operated with dedicated professionals that know how to handle high value property with due diligence and great care. We have visited nearly every marina, boat ramp or storage facility that you can think of, this provides peace of mind to know your boat will be transported safely.

In pretty much all scenarios the cost to transport your boat by road will be much less expensive compared to other forms of boat moving. You can easily compare the costs of boat shipping or even water delivery and should consider things such as;

  • The cost of boat fuel.
  • Wear and tear if travelling on the open ocean.
  • The amount of unnecessary engine hours.
  • The cost of a skipper or crew to manage the boat.
  • What happens if there is a break down while it is on the ocean.
  • How to manage bad weather or changing sea swells.

Transporting a boat by road is now an accepted and very common way for owners to move their vessel where they need it. Slip Away’s has a fleet of heavy load transport vehicles and trailers that have been specifically designed for this purpose of moving large boats safely.

Learn more about boat transport with our handy information guides

"I can't recommend Slip Away enough, he moved my boat today absolutely effortless and with all care taken, a true professional and knows his stuff!
Even built me a frame for my boat to sit on while I work on it. Look forward to using Peter again in a couple months when it goes back in the water"
Brad Armstrong
via Google
"Slip away are absolute professionals. From booking through to transport Pete has been fantastic. We would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a top notch boat transporter"
Andy Walker
via Facebook
"Amazing!!!! After 4 long months of restoring my boat if excitement and nerves weren't enough I discovered a leak when she went in the water. My heart sank "what to do"

Peter was amazing quickly helped put her back on the trailer (not an easy feat in itself) not only did he hang around while I tried to find the leak he was right there helping all the way.

Could have been such a different story he was patient, understanding and helpful. Would not use anyone else would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone."
Phil Durrant
via Google
"Great transport company to deal with,and make the job happen.Can not recommend slip away more highly .thanks Pete and your team."
Darren Platt
via Google
"100% satisfied with the professional service that Peter provided picking our boat up from dealership in Sydney and delivering to our doorstep in Elliston SA. Couldn’t have asked for a better job done We appreciate the care and respect you took while dealing with our boat, Thankyou."
Chloe Selmes
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We provide boat transport in Sydney and surrounding areas. Our transportation service can cover all metropolitan boat dealers, boat ramps or marinas in Sydney.

We will also travel to the South, Central and North Coast of NSW to places like Nelson’s Bay or Batemans Bay

We pick up boats from any Maritime Safety Boating Victoria boat ramp locations like the Corner Inlet Port Albert Boat ramp on south coast to tow it to any location in Melbourne.

We also travel to locations like Hastings, Portsea or Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road

We transport boats around Brisbane to places like East Coast Marina, Scarborough Marina or boat ramps for people to use there boats at places like Stradbroke Island or Moreton Island.

A lot of boat owners will also take their boats down to the Gold Coast to use them in Runaway Bay

If you want to move your boat interstate then we provide long distance interstate boat transport between New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria 7 days a week.

If you are buying a new or used boat we can transport it interstate by road to save money on fuel and engine hours.

Slip Away has been providing large boat transportation services by road for many years. You might want to move your boat from one marina to another or take it with you when you move house. 

Sometimes people need to transport their boat after buying or selling, we can help you quickly finalise the transaction with a quote for transport.

We can even include have our boat lifted onto our trailer with a crane or float it on at a boat ramp.

A photo gallery from hundreds of jobs big and small. We can transport your boat 7 days a week with our haulage, moving or relocation services.


This is the most popular question that we get asked obviously. 

The cost to transport a boat will range from $900 to $10,000 inc gst 

We provide free quotes and reason it will vary is it depends on these factors;

  • Where the boat is being picked up from
  • The distance it has to travel
  • The type of boat it is
  • The weight of the boat
  • The value of the boat
  • How difficult the access will be at either location
  • The time of year
  • How quickly you need it transported
  • What trailer and truck we have to use
  • Value of the boat to be insured


The cost calculated isn’t just for the distance or time in transit, you also have to consider the loading and unloading time, administration, logistics management etc that are also needed to move your boat safely. All of this contributes to the cost of boat transport.

Like any skilled professional service when you get a quote for boat transport costs the calculation is more than just looking at the distance to be travelled. Some larger boats it could mean a job that takes one or two days to complete & with great difficulty.

For some people transporting a boat by road might seem strange compared to moving it by water. Although nearly all boats at some point need to be out of the water for maintenance or to be sold to a new owner. Moving it by road is often the fastest & simplest way to achieve this whether it has to travel a few kilometres or be moved interstate. This is usually the cheaper cost option compared to sailing or motoring it by sea. Using Slip Away as your boat transport company means you can save time, fuel, engine hours, plus wear and tear.

Our focus as a boat transportation company is to provide a specialist transport service for boats of all types and sizes. When you hire us, you get access to many years of knowledge about how to properly lift a boat, where and how to secure it a trailer & how to safely tow such a heavy load. Our attention to detail will ensure your asset has a safe trip by road (which is fully insured as well)

Most states of Australia also require oversize transportation permits from the relevant state roads authority to ensure each company adheres to the correct requirements. We can collaborate with other marine companies to help you with storage, crane lifts, maintenance or other services needed for your boat.

We always make sure to explain all the costs up front with our fixed price quotes & we don’t hide any extra fees or charges. 

Yes with our specialist trailer we can transport your trailer boat to nearly any location you like.

We specialise in moving trailer boats that are 15 – 30 foot in size.

Trailer boat transport costs range from $900 to $8000 and will vary depending on where the boat is being picked up from, the distance it has to travel and the type of boat it is.

The cost isn’t just for the time it is in transit, there is also the loading and unloading time, administration time, logistics management time etc that is required and forms part of the cost.

Slip Away boat transport has a number of different transport routes available that include;

  • Sydney to Gold Coast
  • Sydney to Brisbane
  • Sydney to Melbourne
  • Sydney to Cairns
  • Melbourne to Sydney
  • Melbourne to Gold Coast
  • Melbourne to Brisbane
  • Gold Coast to Sydney
  • Gold Coast to Melbourne
  • Gold Coast to Cairns


Our towing vehicle can do transportation services interstate to all locations in Melbourne, Victoria or Queensland like the Runaway Bay, Port Douglas or Airlie Beach.

Yes we can pick up and transport a boat from interstate with our specialist trailers. It makes buying a boat really simple and easy as we do all the work for you.

Yes we provide free quotations for all our boat freight services and need to know more details about the boat, location to/from and the timeframe you are working with.
Well boat shipping is the same as boat transport. We can move a small, big or large boat as well as yachts either in Sydney or interstate. We specialise in east coast boat transport.
This is one of those random questions about boat transport we get asked from time to time. Yes we can do transport and shipping for all types of boats including sailboats, yachts and houseboats.
Yes we have full Marine Transit Cover Insurance which insures your boat while it is being transported to give you peace of mind. This is not an additional charge or hidden expense, we included it in our pricing.
This will depend on the type of boat and the distance it needs to travel. Transporting a boat can take a day or a week it just depends on the circumstances but we can advise you at the time of getting a quote or making a booking.

We think buying a boat trailer is a waste of time and money. They can cost over ten thousand dollars and sit around most of the time not doing anything. You can hire a mobile slip cradle for as little as $66 per week.

No unfortunately, if you get involved it can actually make the process slower and add risk. Our team of professionals are fully qualified and have been handling boat transport situations for many years. You could provide a cup of coffee or a beer afterwards though.

We manufacture, design and service all our boat trailers in house using our expert knowledge and experience moving boats from all kinds of locations.
The earlier we know, the more flexible we can be with dates and times to transport your boat. If our week fills up then the transport dates available will be reduced as we have to manage trucks going up and down the coast.

It is important to make sure your boat is prepared correctly before being transported.

We have written a short guide to help explain what is needed

How to prepare your boat

When you are considering boat transport in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast you have a few different options;

  • Drive the boat by water; most larger boats can be driven by sea from one location to the other and this choice will suit boat owners who have a larger boat over 30 foot in size or motor yacht owners.  It sounds like an adventure but it takes a long time in most cases, puts long hours on the engines, costs a lot in fuel & is high risk if you are not experienced using a marine vessel on the ocean. You can hire someone to drive your boat but finding a qualified boat skipper becomes expensive. So while it is possible to transport a boat via the water it is costly & puts wear and tear on your vessel. 

  • Online transport directories; there are online transport directories that let you post your boat transport job & then field transportation quotes online. At first glance these sound like fast, easy solutions to get your boat transported. Although there is a risk associated with choosing someone. to transport your boat who is not experienced at handling marine vessels. You have to remember that boats can be quite fragile with fibreglass hulls, outboard motors and very unique shapes, sizes and weights. So it is not as straight forward as moving a simple box trailer. So while the online quotes for boat transport may seem quite cheap, it could cost you in the long run.

  • Sea freight; some transport companies can offer sea freight and they use a shipping container to transport your boat. It gets loaded onto a large freight ship and travels by sea to another port. The downside to this is that usually you then have to go and pick your boat up from a depot which adds more time, cost and hassle to moving your boat. This method is usually for transporting boats interstate or from another country where driving it by sea isn’t feasible.

  • Backloading transport; Some freight companies offer backload boat transport and what this means is they put your boat on the back of a semi trailer shipment to fill the space that is empty. It is done to help cover costs of transport runs that are not completely full. So it could mean your boat is getting moved with other household goods or heavy freight items. In most cases this also means you have to pick your boat up at a depot, so again, more time, cost & hassle to organise transporting your boat. The other thing to consider is that some of these companies are not boat transportation specialists, so your precious assett is treated like any other bulky good rather than getting the special attention boats require when being moved.

  • Boat towing; If your boat is already on a trailer you can hire someone to tow your boat to where you need it to go. For smaller boats this can be a simple option although for larger boats tow truck companies may not have the qualifications or expertise to handle large, heavy loads. In many cases these services will be restricted to local areas or short distances where the other options are suitable for long distance boat relocations. Most tow vehicles will be limited to dropping off at a house or a marine & may not be suitable to taking boats to a boat ramp.

  • Boat freight; using a freight company can be similar to the sea freight or backloading options. Quite a few heavy haulage freight companies will offer options to take a boat on a trailer as part of their service. This might mean your boat gets moved with two or more together in one haulage run & taken. to a depot for collection. These companies move heavy freight as their speciality which is a good thing but then you are limited to their depot locations & have to organise drop off and pick ups which is time consuming. You also don’t know exactly who is handling your boat.

  • Boat transport by road; if you have read this far then by now you will realise this information for some people may seem self serving and it is for good reason. Getting your boat transport by road is simply the most efficient, hassle free & most flexible way to get your boat transported & this is why; 
    • Deal directly with the person transporting your boat.
    • Door to door pick up and delivery, meaning it goes exactly where you need it to, no depot or storage facility to worry about.
    • Location choices are unlimited because a boat transporter by road can go to a marina, boat dealer, house or even a boat ramp to get your boat.
    • It’s low cost because you pay one price to have it moved – no other marina lifting fees, boat skipper costs, depot storage fees etc.
    • It’s reliable because compared to taking it by sea if something were to happen while being transported your boat is on land, easy to retrieve and not subject to tides, weather or breakdowns
    • You save money long term because other options like driving by sea mean adding unnecessary engine hours & maintenance needs.
    • It’s the perfect way to get your boat to an engine builder, antifouling service, re-trimmer or boat restorer.

So the choices are relatively simple to make & different options will suit different situations, but clearly boat transportation by road is by far the simplest and most flexible choice for any boat owner.

These are the ten key pieces of information you need to get an accurate boat transportation quotation 

  1. Boat length
  2. Boat weight
  3. Boat height
  4. Boat width
  5. Brand & model
  6. Type of hull
  7. Location from
  8. Location to
  9. Does it have a trailer already
  10. When is transport required