Slip Away is a local tiny house towing business that can move a wide variety of houses by road quickly and easily. Move your tiny home on a trailer to a property or pick it up from a builder.


Move your tiny home.
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Easy truck access


Relocate a tiny house.
  • Transport 7 days a week
  • Metro and regional areas


Set up a tiny home display.
  • After hours set ups
  • Easy truck access


Tiny house builder pick ups.
  • New or used tiny homes
  • From a dealer to you

Google Trends is proving that home ownership is becoming a dream for many people in Australia so they are looking for alternatives like tiny house or tiny home options to reduce their living costs. In Australia there hasn’t been a clear ruling made on how tiny houses get classified so currently they don’t have to meet the National Construction Code (NCC) or Building Code of Australia (BCA) although the Tiny House Association has written a guide for potential owners to learn more about them.

Slip Away has transported many different types of tiny houses or trailer-mounted homes which were custom built or even made using things like shipping containers for their frames. We are constantly surprised at the clever design ideas being applied to this type of living. That is why it pays to use an experienced heavy load towing company to look after your moving requirements. 

We are licensed to move tiny houses in NSW, Queensland and Victoria which means you can take your new house nearly anywhere on the eastern seaboard of Australia. It makes it very possible to move interstate to change your lifestyle, move for work or just a change of scenery. That is one of the unique benefits of tiny houses, you can go nearly anywhere – even with height, length and weight limitations for travelling on Australian roads. Just contact us to get more information or a free quote.


Door to door DELIVERY

We can pick up your tiny home and deliver it anywhere you need. This includes moving it onto your property in position. Our towing truck gets into any space, even with tight access.


We can give you a free tiny home freight quote in minutes once we have a few details to work out what it is and where it has to go.


We have 50mm, 60mm & 70mm towing balls with pintle hook and gooseneck hitches that can suit a wide range of trailers.


We are a transportation company that has been moving large boats & tiny homes in New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria for many years. We have heavy duty trailer & towing equipment.


Tiny home moving is fully insured while it is being towed. Our expert team have been doing heavy freight haulage for many years.


Our towing truck can control the height of the tow ball to help clear uneven surfaces and tow your home level.


Our purpose built towing vehicle has been designed for one purpose and that is to tow trailers safely. Our tow truck has 2WD and 4WD low range gearing to get maximum traction in any situation. Perfect for moving a tiny house on a farm property, mud, grass or where it is damp.

Contact us to find out what your tiny home transport cost is. We just need a few details and can transport your tiny home 7 days a week in Sydney or interstate.

A very experienced tiny house towing company in NSW. A tiny house can’t be towed like other items. Our heavy duty towing vehicle together with our heavy and wide load towing experience will get into smaller spaces to ensure your house arrives safely.

Tiny home transport hauling or moving in Sydney to Gosford by Slip Away transportation business

If you need your tiny house transported by road in New South Wales we can pick it up and move it for you quickly and easily. We offer a transport service that can take it to another location or interstate with our towing vehicles.  

Tiny home transport hauling or moving by road in Sydney by Slip Away transportation business

For builders or companies that have mobile brand showcases we can be contracted to pick up and move the tiny house ready for its next event. We work after hours & have lots of experience working in tight spaces with our tow vehicles.

Tiny home transport hauling or moving in Sydney by Slip Away transportation business for trade shows

If you have bought a new or used tiny house we can pick it up for you. We can take our towing vehicle to pick it up and meet you at the new location. Our vehicle is small enough to fit on nearly any property making it easy to place in the right location.

Tiny home transport hauling or moving by road in New South Wales by Slip Away transportation business


The cost to tow a tiny home will vary from $500 to over $3,000 (or more) depending on how difficult the pick and up drop off locations are to access, the weight, time required & distance to be travelled. Once we know all this information we can provide you with a free tiny home towing quotation to calculate the costs.

If you drive a hatch back then you have no chance of towing anything more than maybe a lawn mower. Jokes aside, the majority of passenger vehicles will not have the towing capacity to tow a tiny home. 

We have heavy duty towing vehicles that can tow your tiny home safely and even get into tight spaces.

Slip Away can make it really easy to transport a tiny house in Australia. Our heavy duty towing equipment makes light work of moving your tiny house by road to any location needed whether that is a property or residential location. 

We don’t need to use a semi trailer to tow with, so this means we can get into hard to access areas or spaces.

The size of vehicle you need to tow a tiny house will vary based on the weight, height and width of what you are trying to tow. For most people they won’t have the experience, knowledge or equipment to be able to do this safely or with the right insurance coverage. That is why it makes more sense to use a professional towing company like Slip Away.

In Australia a tiny house is considered a dwellings of 37 square metres or less. They will have many of the characteristics and functionality of a permanent house. Some can be semi permanent fixtures built on land while others are on wheels which are built on trailers that can be towed. The benefit is that you can easily relocate them to another location if needed.

Tiny houses can be used as;

  • An additional dwelling
  • Granny Flat
  • Rental Accommodation
  • AirBnB property
  • Temporary Housing
  • Office / Studio / Pool Room
  • Holiday Mobile Home
  • Mobile Retail Business
  • University / High School Students
    Farm / Rural Accommodation
  • Relief Accommodation

Slip Away provides insurance for anything that we tow. So just like the boats that we transport in NSW or interstate, a tiny house is also insured when we are moving it.

We carry a 50mm, 60mm and 70mm tow ball with our tow truck vehicle with choice of trailer hitch shapes including pintle hook and goosneck trailer hook.

A pintle hook is a towing hitch that is primarily used in heavy duty towing situations. The hitch itself consists of two parts and resembles a hook that is mounted to the vehicle and can be closed around a ring (lunette or pintle ring) that is mounted on the trailer.

Unlike regular hitches that extend from the back of the towing vehicle, gooseneck hitches, and the closely-related fifth wheel hitches, are anchored through the bed of a pickup truck. Gooseneck hitches use a hitch ball to lock into place, while fifth wheel hitches use a wheel-shaped plate to accomplish the connection.

Either one is ideal for towing heavy trailers or tiny houses on a trailer.

Our Dodge Ram truck has been heavily modified for the specific purpose of towing heavy loads. The rear section of the truck has been modified to make sure it can cope with the extreme forces that heavy loads can apply to a vehicle. Most ordinary road vehicles will not be able to cope with this type of application.

Our tow truck has 2WD and 4WD low range gearing plus air bag suspension which makes it possible to get in and out of tight spaces while dealing with slippery surfaces like grass, wet fields, mud or steep inclines.

It means we can place your tiny house on your property quickly and easily.