how to get your boat ready for transport

A quick guide to getting your boat ready for transportation.

Using a boat transport specialist

Slip Away has been delivering a range of specialist boat transport solutions for owners for many years in Australia with a focus on New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Here is our quick guide for getting your boat prepared for being transported. 

Provide accurate pick up information

GIve our team as much information and / or photos as possible to make the pick up simple and well prepared. Is it a busy road, what time frame to calculate tides etc.

Boat measurements

Double check all the measurements are correct for height, length and width.

Boat insurance

Contact your insurance provider to let them know your boat will be out of the water and getting transported.

Outboard motor

Check that the hinge is fully functional and can tilt all the way up and down.

Securing all internal and external items

Remove as much as you can to make transporting easier.

Remove canvas covers, biminis etc

Items like this can get caught in the wind, start flapping and/or or be damaged while being moved.

Drain all liquids

Remove things like fuel tanks, water tanks etc.

Other transport considerations

Here are a few other things to consider when organising your boat transport.

Slip Away Boat Transportation Service how to measure your street for a boat transport booking

Street position and space.

The red arrow is where boat ideally would be placed. Please inform neighbours to keep their side of the street clear on the day for transport to make access easier.

Slip Away Boat Transportation Service how to measure your driveway for a boat transport

Measuring the space

The red line indicates the width of your drive way which needs to be measured. The blue line indicates the overhead powerlines connecting to your house. These powerlines need to be taken into consideration compared to the height of your boat.

Slip Away Boat Transportation Service how to measure your driveway for your boat transport booking

How flat will access be?

Here is an example of a steep or uneven driveway. Send us a photo and we can work out if a site inspection is needed before your transportation date.

Slip Away Boat Transportation Service the correct way to transport your boat

Remove all external items

As shown in the photo, boats can only be transported with covers down and all the antennae and fishing equipment etc down for transport.

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