buy a boat from anywhere

Slip Away is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to transport your new or used boat from practically anywhere.

How to buy a boat easily

Lots of people ask the question about how to buy a boat, especially if it is located far away or interstate. Although it is really easy and we can move boats of all types, shapes and sizes plus we are fully insured. We can take all the hassle out of trying to do it yourself and it makes the choices of boat to buy even broader as you can look at more locations. Here are our tips on how to buy a boat;

  1. Choose your boat type; such as sailboat, fishing boat etc and think about your primary intended usage including who will use it, where will it be driven, how will it be stored etc.

  2. New vs Used Boats; There are pro’s and con’s to both, but consider its general condition, servicing history, any warranty etc. Keep in mind you can use one of our mobile slip cradles to have a boat inspected.

  3. Find your boat; online listings are the easiest but there are also lots of boat shows etc.

  4. Try and test drive it; looking at photos are one thing but experiencing it is another. While it is a little more difficult to test drive a boat vs a car, it should be attempted to make sure it is suitable for you. You can evaluate things like the controls, storage, safety items, visibility, noise and close up details like erosion etc.

  5. Payment; it’s important to read over all the fine print with a formal purchase agreement and checking over all inclusions.

  6. Insurance; again it is critical to check when and how your boat will be insured and who’s responsibility it is while at a marina vs in the water etc.

  7. Transport your boat; everything has been sorted out its time to move your boat.

Slip Away has been delivering a range of specialist marine transport solutions for boat owners for many years in Australia with a focus on New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We don’t operate via depots, 3rd party storage areas or marinas, we come to you with our door to door service available anywhere your boat is located.

Our fleet of specialised boat trailers have been developed and designed to make transporting your boat quick, safe and efficient. You can move your boat in Sydney from one marina to another, relocate it interstate or even buy a used boat and have it brought to Sydney. Our boat transport service can accomodate any situation when it comes to marine transport. It is cheaper and more cost effective to have your boat transported by Slip Away’s transport services compared to hauling it by boat trailer or driving it over water. You can save on engine hours, fuel, time and avoid issues with weather or tides.

When it comes to servicing or storing your boat our unique mobile slip cradle is a cost effective alternative to boat trailer hire or ownership. For as little as $66 per week you can have your boat out of the water available for servicing, upgrades or storage in practically any location. We pick it up from your house, a marina or can even do a ‘float on – float off’ at a local boat ramp. Our cradles even let you do things like anti-fouling services while remaining on the trailer with incredible hull access. Using our mobile slip cradle is more effective than boat trailer hire & less costly that having things done by a marina.


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