Avoid the hassle of building a boat cradle and just hire a mobile slip cradle which can be used to store or transport your boat


Do you need to build a boat cradle?

Slip Away Boat Transport moving a Regal 2800 on a mobile slip cradle for hire. Picked up from White Bay 6 marina in Balmain and delivered to Arndell Park in NSW on the ground

If you are thinking about pulling your boat out of the water the first thing you have to work out is where or how you will do it. If you own a boat trailer then of course for most cases you can pull the boat out of the water yourself. Then the boat can stay on the trailer to do what you need to do. Although if you don’t have a trailer what are your options? One of them is to either build, buy or rent a boat cradle that the boat can be stored on so you can have access to it while it is out of the water. 

A boat cradle can come in all shapes and sizes to hold different boats and some people might build their own boat cradle out of timber, especially for smaller boats. Although for larger boats it is too hard to build your own boat cradle and also a potential safety issue unless you are a qualified engineer with all the necessary equipment.

That is why we rent our mobile boat cradles so that people don’t need to go to the hassle of building their own

Can a boat cradle be used to get a boat out of the water?

A Monterey 270 Cruiser Boat restored and going back into the water on a Slip Away Mobile Slip Cradle

Slip Away Boat Transport has specialist trailer equipment that enables you to get your boat out of the water and onto a boat cradle. It means we can meet you at a boat ramp or a marina to then pick up your boat and move it by road to where you need it. Our boat cradles have been designed specifically for this purpose and is forms part of our boat transportation services that we provide. Getting your boat out of the water at a boat ramp is cheaper and easier than trying to do it at a marina or doing it yourself.

What is the benefit of using a boat cradle?

The Slip Away mobile slip cradle hire being used for a boat cruiser instead of trailer hire - step 3

Just look at the access you get to the hull of your boat – a boat cradle is the perfect way to clean or paint your boat hull as you get amazing access all the way around compared to a normal boat trailer. It makes all those difficult jobs like anti fouling so much easier to accomplish while it is on a cradle.

Is your boat insured if we pick it up on a boat cradle?

The Slip Away mobile slip cradle hire being used for a boat cruiser instead of trailer hire - step 1

Slip Away Boat Transport provides insurance coverage for your boat while it is in our care. We take special care to make sure it is loaded onto our boat cradle with protection for the hull, engines and other fittings before we move it anywhere. You can also read our guide on how to prepare your boat for transport to make sure you know exactly what is required. At the end of the day we look after everything for you, the only thing you need to do is turn up at the boat ramp on time so we can meet you with our transport vehicle.

Is mobile slip cradle hire worth it?

antifoul Slip Away boat mobile slip cradle hire on a lawn as an alternative to boat trailer hire

Absolutely because is cheaper than buying a trailer and you have complete control over your boat and where it is located. It saves so much time and hassle and we have the right vehicle to tow your boat too. That’s why we suggest getting a boat transport quote online by simply filling in our quote form and we can help you work out what is more effective for your situation.

We can meet you at a local boat ramp, pull your boat out & you don’t need to worry about paying for trailer hire or how to drive safely on the road while towing your boat

Other questions about boat transportation


This is obviously one of the most asked questions about boat transport. Costs range from $900 to $8000 and will vary depending on where the boat is being picked up from, the distance it has to travel and the type of boat it is. The cost isn’t just for the time it is in transit, there is also the loading and unloading time, administration time, logistics management time etc that is required and forms part of the cost. 


Yes with our specialist trailer we can transport your trailer boat to nearly any location you like. Trailer boat transport costs range from $900 to $8000 and will vary depending on where the boat is being picked up from, the distance it has to travel and the type of boat it is. The cost isn’t just for the time it is in transit, there is also the loading and unloading time, administration time, logistics management time etc that is required and forms part of the cost. 


We can provide you boat transport in NSW or from Sydney to say Brisbane or Melbourne with or without a trailer. So for example we can pick your boat up from a Marina or a Boat Ramp then take it to where you need it to be moved to. We have specialist boat trailer equipment to make it easy to haul your boat by road quickly and easily.


We can pick your boat up from the water at a boat ramp using our specialist boat trailer equipment. So if you want to transport your boat but don’t have a trailer that is fine, we can meet you at the water to pick you up.


Well boat shipping is the same as boat transport. We can move a small, big or large boat as well as yachts either in Sydney or interstate. We specialise in east coast boat transport.

can you do sailboat transport?

This is one of those random questions about boat transport we get asked from time to time. Yes we can do transport and shipping for all types of boats including sailboats, yachts and houseboats. 

Is my boat insured while it is being transported?

Yes we have full Marine Transit Cover Insurance which insures your boat while it is being transported to give you peace of mind. This is not an additional charge or hidden expense, we included it in our pricing.


Yes we can pick up and transport a boat from interstate with our specialist trailers. It makes buying a boat really simple and easy as we do all the work for you.

how long does it take to transport my boat?

This will depend on the type of boat and the distance it needs to travel. Transporting a boat can take a day or a week it just depends on the circumstances but we can advise you at the time of getting a quote or making a booking.

is it worth buying a boat trailer?

We think buying a boat trailer is a waste of time and money. They can cost over ten thousand dollars and sit around most of the time not doing anything. You can hire a mobile slip cradle for as little as $66 per week.

is the transport price cheaper if i help?

No unfortunately, if you get involved it can actually make the process slower and add risk. Our team of professionals are fully qualified and have been handling boat transport situations for many years. You could provide a cup of coffee or a beer afterwards though. 🙂

Who makes your boat transport trailers?

We manufacture, design and service all our boat trailers in house using our expert knowledge and experience moving boats from all kinds of locations.

Does the boat have to run to use a slip cradle?

As long as you can get it to a jetty or boat ramp we can pick it up. So if your boat isn’t running, then getting it towed is the easiest solution as our trucks or mobile slip cradle can’t float unfortunately (although we have contemplated getting them converted)

How long can I hire a mobile slip cradle for?

You can hire a mobile slip cradle for as long as you like as long as your account is paid in full. You can also extend your existing agreement, just contact us.

how much notice do you need to transport my boat?

The earlier we know, the more flexible we can be with dates and times to transport your boat. If our week fills up then the transport dates available will be reduced as we have to manage trucks going up and down the coast.

can i antifoul my boat on your mobile slip cradle

Yes you can antifoul your boat while it is on our cradle, that’s how we designed it. You also have better access to your hull vs it being on a trailer.

what is a mobile slip cradle for a boat?

It’s a mobile platform that can hold your boat in place and give you nearly complete access to the hull for things like antifouling, engine servicing and more. It’s a simple and effective solution that is cheaper than either buying or hiring a boat trailer.

Who is sydney boat transport?

This is our company just operating on a different website which has been in operation for a number of years. Although you have come to the right website and the one we love more. 


Yes, Slip Away can do interstate boat transport from Sydney to Brisbane or Melbourne to all the popular marinas on the east coast of Australia. Our interstate transportation service is available 7 days a week and is fully insured.



Yes we can transport boats by road from a marina, house, storage facility or garage, it doesn’t matter. We have the equipment to make moving boats around Australia very easy.