Get a quote for boat transport costs



Calculating accurate boat transport costs requires some information about the size and weight of the boat as well as the exact types of locations it will be getting moved from and to. The reason for this is interstate shipping costs will be very different to local Sydney boat haulage. While yacht shipping costs will vary compared to say a cruiser, fishing boat, pontoon or trailer boat.

We will also assess how difficult access might be so moving a bot from a marina will be easier than say a backyard driveway on a narrow street.

Our quotations are all inclusive and we do not charge extra fees or charges, everything is disclosed up front. We have heard many stories of people taking up cheaper quotes who then get charged extras they weren’t aware of.

Learning about what are boat transport costs is the most common question we get asked everyday as owners try to organise the shipping of their boat or yacht in Sydney or interstate. 

Calculating freight costs to transport a boat by road isn’t as straight forward as it may seem and transport companies will all approach things a little differently depending on whether it is a small boat, yacht or big boat.


Slip Away specialises in east coast boat transport and to calculate the costs we look at a few factors;

  1. Where is the boat going from and to?

  2. Where are the pick up locations and what type are they?

  3. What is the access like to the boat or for our transport vehicles.

  4. What type of boat is it?

  5. What is the weight of the boat?

  6. An estimate of the travel time to/from the pick up locations.

  7. An estimation on how difficult the loading an unloading will be.

  8. The time required to load and unload.

  9. Travel time between the locations.

In many situations it may seem like a simple scenario to pick up a boat and move it somewhere. Although, the actual time required, complexity and resources needed could be far greater than anticipated depending on all the factors above.


With our experience we can assess all of these factors to help you estimate your boat transport costs and answer any questions you may have.