Fast, free quote to get transportation by road

Slip Away can provide a free boat transportation quote so that you can work out your costs. The way we calculate our transportation quotes will be based on different factors with the most important ones being;

  • how long the boat is,
  • what does it weigh
  • how far we have to travel.


These basic factors help us to determine the travel time, fuel & type of equipment we will need to transport your boat.

The other factors that are considered for boat transportation cost calculations are the type of boat, the locations it is getting moved from or to & how quickly the service is required. When these elements are combined with distance & weight we can provide an accurate quote.

Like any skilled professional service when you get a quote for boat transport costs the calculation is more than just looking at the distance to be travelled. Some larger boats it could mean a job that takes one or two days to complete & with great difficulty.

For some people transporting a boat by road might seem strange compared to moving it by water. Although nearly all boats at some point need to be out of the water for maintenance or to be sold to a new owner. Moving it by road is often the fastest & simplest way to achieve this whether it has to travel a few kilometres or be moved interstate. This is usually the cheaper cost option compared to sailing or motoring it by sea. Using Slip Away as your boat transport company means you can save time, fuel, engine hours, plus wear and tear.

Our focus as a boat transportation company is to provide a specialist transport service for boats of all types and sizes. When you hire us, you get access to many years of knowledge about how to properly lift a boat, where and how to secure it a trailer & how to safely tow such a heavy load. Our attention to detail will ensure your asset has a safe trip by road (which is fully insured as well)

Most states of Australia also require oversize transportation permits from the relevant state roads authority to ensure each company adheres to the correct requirements. We can collaborate with other marine companies to help you with storage, crane lifts, maintenance or other services needed for your boat.

We always make sure to explain all the costs up front with our fixed price quotes & we don’t hide any extra fees or charges. 

  1. Where is the boat going from and to?

  2. Where are the pick up locations and what type are they?

  3. What is the access like to the boat or for our transport vehicles.

  4. What type of boat is it?

  5. What is the weight of the boat?

  6. An estimate of the travel time to/from the pick up locations.

  7. An estimation on how difficult the loading an unloading will be.

  8. The time required to load and unload.

  9. Travel time between the locations.

It is very easy to get a boat transportation quote online from lots of different companies. Although be very careful, sometimes they don’t include everything that you may need to pay to transport your boat.

Sometimes they will not include;

  • Credit card fees
  • Marina lifting fees
  • Waiting time penalties
  • Motorway tolls
  • Insurance costs


We provide boat transportation quotes online to help anyone who wants to buy a brand new boat or a used boat. We can give you a quote to get your boat transported in Sydney or interstate from Brisbane, Melbourne or the Gold Coast.

Calculating a transportation quote online can only be done with all the right information otherwise your quote won’t be accurate. The costs will vary greatly if you don’t provide the right information. For example if you ask for a quote to transport your boat from New South Wales to Queensland does that mean you need to move your boat from Rose Bay to Runaway Bay or from Batemans Bay to Port Douglas – as you can see there is a big difference between these types of quote requests. 

So it doesn’t matter if you own a boat already and need it moved or you would like to buy a boat from a dealer we can help you. We just need as much information as possible to give you an accurate quote so we can access how big it is, how far we have to go & how difficult the job will be.

For boats that are 20 foot or larger you might consider the costs of transportation by road compared to by sea. You would need to factor hiring a boat skipper, fuel, engine hours & possible weather limitations. In many cases it is easier to transport your large boat by road which is cheaper, faster & easier to manage. Transporting your boat by road also gives you more options as the boat can be delivered to mechanical service providers, restorers or engine builders who may not be located near the water.

In many situations it may seem like a simple scenario to transport a boat somewhere. Although, the actual time required, complexity and resources needed could be far greater than anticipated depending on all the factors we mentioned above. With our experience we can assess all of these factors to help you estimate a boat transport quote as quickly as possible & this can be done within a day or so normally.

Yes – we do interstate boat transport for New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. We are often moving boats interstate between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and can provide a quote for interstate transport