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Grays Online Boat Auction transportation quotes

Grays is one of the largest online boat auction and eCommerce companies in Australia. They sell everything from industrial goods to new or used boats in NSW with a mix of no reserve or fixed price auctions. Most of the boats are kept at their storage facilities during the auction process. If you don’t have a boat trailer or towing vehicle then it can be a bit of a hassle to get the boat moved so you can start using it.

Slip Away can give you a free quotation for the cost of transporting your boat so that you can work out how much the total amount will be for the boats you are thinking of buying. If you are located in NSW but want to buy a boat that is interstate then we can help in those situations as well because we regularly move boats interstate between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

How to transport your boat after buying it from Grays Online

Slip Away is the preferred boat transport company that Grays online boat auctions recommends for anyone who buys a boat online. For the boat listings that are relevant you will see our details in the Inspection and Collection tab. 

Slip Away can provide a no obligation boat transport quote to get your boat picked up from Grays storage facility then moved to a marina, put in the water at a boat ramp or taken to your house. We can move nearly any type of boat by road using our towing vehicle and specialist boat trailers.

The best way to calculate the total price of buying a boat from an auction is do do your research to understand the buying fees plus transport cost & also things like insurance.

What other ways can you buy a boat online

If you are thinking about buying a used boat online then the other choice to consider is to use a boat broker in Sydney like  Luxury Marine. 

Kristen has spent her life dealing with luxury boats of all types both in Australia and overseas. It is a different experience compared to buying a boat online at an auction. Kristen can help you choose the right boat that is for you, organise training & even help you set it up as a charter boat to make money.

We often move boats from White Bay 6 Marina in Sydney

What should you consider before buying a boat?

If you are considering buying a new or used boat, here are some tips to consider to help with your decision making 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Boat For Sale