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It doesn’t matter what type of boat you need on a cradle, we have the equipment and experience to move all types of marine vessel including; leisure, fishing, bowriders, centre console, cuddy cabin, flybridge cruiser, sports cruiser, walk-around, centre cabins or even side consoles.

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Hire a mobile slip cradle in Sydney

You can hire a mobile slip cradle for your boat in Sydney from Slip Away. We offer a cheap weekly rental cost for our purpose-built heavy-duty slip cradles that are easy to use with nearly any type of boat. We can pick your boat up and put it onto our trailer with the slip cradle and then take it to the location you require. We move boats by road seven days a week in Sydney from boat ramps to marinas. Our cradles have been designed to make boat maintenance simple and easy compared to using a boat trailer.

  • Move your boat by road
  • Boat ramp pick up options
  • No cranes are normally needed
  • Up to 5 tonne and 28 foot
  • Perfect for a boat survey or insurance checks while out of the water.
  • A mobile slip cradle is shorter than a typical trailer
  • The height of a mobile slip cradle is lower than a boat trailer.

What can you do with a boat on a cradle?

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There are lots of different things you can do while your boat is on one of Slip Away’s cradles, for example;

  • Engine servicing
  • Antifoul your hull.
  • Erosion checks.
  • Boat cleaning.
  • Get electrical systems updated.
  • Fix plumbing and HVAC.
  • Check hinges and tracks.
  • Get canvas and upholstery refurbishing.

Here is an example of using a mobile slip cradle instead of a boat trailer.  This Monterey 270 Cruiser Boat was restored by Adam Hayter Shipwrights in Gosford. We picked up the boat from the ramp, transported it to Adam’s shipyard and returned it to the water a few weeks later. The Monterey as you can see in the images has great access to the hull area making it easy for restorations or other maintenance work to be done on the boat like anti-fouling. You could even have your boat moved to different places to then have the engine worked on, cabin etc.



Slip Away is a mobile slip cradle hire company in Sydney that has custom built, heavy duty boat cradles that we specially designed. A cradle can hold your boat safely while it is being worked on and it is a smarter alternative to managing your boat while it is out of the water versus buying or renting a boat trailer.

We can do boat collection in Sydney and move it to wherever you need to. The cradle is the best way to get access to your hull compared to a traditional trailer because of the unique design and construction. We understand that moving a boat form one place to other can be stressful and expensive, so our slip hire service makes it affordable and easy to do, we do all the hard work moving your boat for you. 

Our specialised tow truck can move heavy, large boats around Sydney and our slip cradles have been developed and designed to make moving your boat quick, safe and efficient. We service most of Sydney from Gosford down to Huskinson and can handle boats up to 28 foot or about 9 metres in size.


We cover all areas in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria with local boat transport in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast as well as interstate options.

Slip Away has received some great reviews over the years from clients who have been extremely happy with our transportation services.

Slip Away has been providing large boat relocating services for many years. You might want to relocate your boat from one marina to another or take it with you when you move house. Sometimes people need to relocate their boat when they are buying or selling, we can help you quickly relocate it to finalise the transaction. This can even include having the boat lifted onto our trailer with a crane or floating it on at a boat ramp.


A photo gallery from hundreds of jobs big and small. We can transport your boat 7 days a week with our haulage, moving or relocation services.

A mobile slip cradle is a specially built frame that can hold a boat steady when it is placed on land or in storage. Instead of using a typical boat trailer the slip cradle provides the largest percentage of access to the hull of a boat which makes it easier to do servicing or other restoration work. A slip cradle can be used by a boat restorer, mechanical servicing company or even a marina to keep your boat safe while it is out of the water.

Slip Away is the best pace to hire a mobile slip cradle because our cradles have been specially designed to make it easy to pick up your boat from the water and take it anywhere you like. We can transport your boat in Sydney on a mobile slip cradle quickly and easily. You can hire a slip cradle to be used in Gosford, Sydney, Newport, Palm Beach, Huskinson or even Wollongong.

You can hire a mobile slip cradle for less than $100 per week which is cheaper than renting or buying a boat trailer. It is also safer because we are experience boat movers in Sydney with many years of experience.

Slip-away is a professional, on time, friendly, family owned and managed business in Sydney. We have a value for money approach to making it easier to deal with your boat. Moving your boat can often be a stressful and very expensive part of boat ownership. Slip Away is a  a specialist boat and marine craft transport mobile slip cradle hire company in Sydney.

We provide a safe, reliable service that is great for the boating novice, enthusiast or professional. Slip Away can take your investment out of the water using a similar process to that used by the majority of marina’s worldwide that is by submersing a slip cradle and simply floating the vessel on and then caringly delivering the boat to your desired location.

This makes it easy to do routine boat maintenance like the renewal of anti-foul coatings, drive train component overhaul, ‘osmosis’ drying out time storage, non-abrasive blasting, trimming, shipwright repairs, resprays etc.

Slip-away offers competitive rates and prompt professional services for all boat owners.

As long as you can get it to a jetty or boat ramp we can pick it up. So if your boat isn’t running, then getting it towed is the easiest solution as our trucks or mobile slip cradle can’t float unfortunately (although we have contemplated getting them converted)

You can hire a mobile slip cradle for as long as you like as long as your account is paid in full. You can also extend your existing agreement, just contact us.