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When you choose to use Slip Away for your Sydney boat towing requirements you get absolute peace of mind knowing that we are fully licensed, qualified and insured to tow oversize or heavy loads by road. Our boat towing service follows all the rules and regulations set by NSW RMS, Maritime Safety Queensland & Maritime Safety Victoria. 

We are one of the best choices for boat towing by road between Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Gold Coast to tow your vessel quickly and safely.

We tow large boats even if you don't have a trailer

Our company specialises in helping people who want to relocate or sell their boat but they don’t own a trailer or a vehicle that can tow such a heavy load. We don’t use a tilt tray truck, we are experts at moving boats of all large sizes from 20 to 60 foot in length using our heavy-duty haulage vehicle that can pick up from your house, a marina or even at a boat ramp where it can even be floated on. This means you can save money buying or hiring a trailer & don’t have to go through the stress of figuring out how to tow such a large, heavy or wide load on Sydney’s major roadways or even things like what are the right tyre pressures or weights you can manage.

In our fleet is a custom-built towing vehicle that has 2WD and 4WD low range gearing to get maximum traction in any situation, including wet ramps, farms or steep inclines. Our trailer has been specially designed with airbag suspension to control the height of the tow ball on uneven surfaces or angles. It means you can hire us to tow any type of boat even if it has a wide draft, fin keels, twin hulls, centerboards and some other shape.

Our cost effective towing service makes it extremely easy to get your boat moved from a dry dock, hardstand, storage yard, marina or boat dealer with one of the best towing companies in Australia. Just contact our customer service team to get a free quote over the phone or via email to work out how much it might cost.


If you have just bought a boat interstate and need it moved to a certain location, our company can do that for you at very competitive rates. It might be ready to pick up immediately, in that case we will organise to pick it up for you. Alternatively, it might need repairs, upgrades or restoration so we can take it to your preferred marine service provider to get the work completed, anything is possible with our large boat towing service.

Slip Away is a towing company that has custom built vehicles and trailers that can provide affordable towing solutions to any location, even a boat ramp. Peter has moved thousands of boats by road and knows what is required to do it safely, efficiently & without any damage to your marine vessel.  Our priority is to make sure your possession arrives safe and secure at a competitive price.

Our towing vehicle can carry any type of size or shape of boat including;

  • Motor yachts
  • Trailer boats
  • Cruisers
  • Fishing boats
  • Pontoons or even some house boats
It doesn’t matter if the vessel is new or used, it just has to be structurally sound to be carried on a trailer safely. We have the ability to do local towing around Sydney or take boats interstate to Victoria or Queensland by road.


If you look on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace there are lots of people offering a cheap price on boat towing, but in most situations they use their own 4WD, you pay them cash & it is someone trying to earn some extra money on the side. Keep in mind that this can be an extremely specialised service that you don’t really want to risk using an inexperienced individual, your boat might not even be insured while they are towing it. For people getting a jetski or a tinnie towed this might be an acceptable risk, but for large boats that are twenty foot in length or longer it is a better idea to use a professional


Slip Away is a company that has been a boat transportation specialist for many years & Peter knows every little detail when it comes to how they have to be handled, hauled, secured and taken to its destination safely & within the local road rules or regulations. Whether you need a tow for repairs, for registration certificates, a survey or just to transport to another location, we can tow anything, anywhere, anytime – safely



Peter handles every job very methodically and carefully because he appreciates the investment you have made. That is why he has different vehicles and trailers to handle each job the correct way which could be with his tow vehicle or using his truck & trailer. Peter will work out the best method once you let us know;

  • Where the boat is located
  • Is it fully operational
  • Whether it is already on a trailer or in storage
  • The length, weight & height of the boat
  • The destination it has to be towed to
Slip Away will provide a fixed price, written quote so you can calculate the exact cost of getting your boat towed or compare our charges to other companies. Slip Away is a transportation company with great reviews and the main reasons people choose us are;
  • You deal directly with the business owner
  • We are reliable and an experienced operator
  • Your boat is fully insured while it is in our care
  • We service New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria
  • Everything we do is safe, efficient & within the local road laws
  • We can do short or long distance haulage
  • Affordable boat towing costs with no middle man or depot required

We also provide towing for dealers, insurance or finance companies, customs brokers and freight forwarders for metropolitan or country areas. We are fully licensed and insured and offer competitive rates.

Boat towing costs in Sydney

To find out what boat towing costs are it is best to ask us for a quote because there is no standard price or fee for towing. Even if you see pricing on a website or on a forum it will always very once the towing company gets more information like the length of the boat, the weight, width, height & distance it needs to travel. All of these variables have to be considered before an accurate price can be determined.

Boat towing regulations

The regulations for towing will vary from state to state, Slip Away is licensed and qualified to tow heavy loads in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. One of the difficult things to keep track of for most people is how often the regulations change, luckily we are a professional towing company that keeps up to date with all the latest requirements. This ensures your boat will be towed safely & without any issues.

Oversized boat towing

When you choose an experienced transportation company to tow your boat it means they will be able to handle anything that is oversized. As mentioned previously, Slip Away is licensed and qualified to tow heavy or oversized loads in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. All of our equipment has been specifically designed for this purpose and we have either vehicles or trailers that are used in different situations depending on the size of the load.

To get an idea of the requirements have a read of the ‘Towing a vessel‘ information from the NSW Government

How do you know if you have an boat is classified as oversized? Well it will depend on the laws & regulations in your local area, so for example;

  • It exceeds 2.5 meters in width

  • It exceeds 12.5m in length

  • The boat, trailer & towing vehicle in combination exceeds 19 metres in length

  • It exceeds 4.3 metres in height

Common sense has to be applied and a driver must be able to see past any load carried through his/her side and rear vision mirrors. In a lot of cases to tow an oversized boat you will be required to display signs, flags or warning lights, not to mention using a heavy vehicle for towing. Other considerations might be needed like;

  • Having escort vehicles
  • Sticking to oversize vehicle speed limits
  • Not moving oversize loads during Christmas / New Years or Easter periods.
  • How it will be secured or tied down to avoid damage

Boat towing company

There will be lots of debate in forums or social media about the best boat towing truck – but the simple answer is it has to be fit for purpose. 

Think about it, the average family 4WD might have towing capabilities but think about the design intent for that vehicle, it was built to carry people. Our towing truck has been specifically customised and designed to carry heavy loads short or long distances safely.