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Why go to all the hassle of trying to tow a 20 foot boat yourself? We are a boat towing service that can do all the hard work for you. Alternatively you can learn how to tow a large 20 foot vessel in Australia by reading through the 180 page Boating Handbook from Service NSW or the information available from Transport NSW

That’s right it is not as easy as it seems to tow oversize loads & it is actually quite a complex topic, not to mention high risk considering it could be a load that is 2 tonnes or more in weight. The information we just mentioned is just for NSW and each State has its own interpretation of how they want people to manage large boats being towed by road. Needless to say, if you have a large boat that is 20 foot or longer and you’d like to get it towed somewhere, then you are better off hiring a specialist boat transport company to do it for you. 

Slip Away has special towing equipment that is required to tow big boats to locations in Sydney or interstate to places around Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast or even up to the marinas in Port Douglas. You can hire a general towing company but they don’t really have the expertise to specifically handle boats in most cases. Slip Away is a boat towing company that specialises in just handling marine vessels with relationships established with local marinas, storage yards & dealers.

What types of locations can we tow boats from?

We make it really easy to get your boat towed from lots of different locations, even straight out of the water from a ramp. All you have to do is give us a call or send an email to get a quote & we will help sort out the rest. It is really the simplest option compared to trying to tow something yourself if you have a large, oversize, boat.


We drive to the marina and get your boat lifted onto our trailer to tow it by road.


You drive your boat to a ramp & then float it onto our trailer to get towed away.


We slide your boat onto our traler to get taken to another location, even on our  mobile slip cradles.


A dealer can have your boat ready for delivery & we’ll tow it from their location to the water.


Once you win the auction we will tow your boat out of storage to your house or boat ramp.


We will come to you & get your boat ready to be towed away if you are selling or getting maintenance.

What types of large boats can we tow?

Quite literally we can tow any type of large boat no matter the shape or hull size. As long as it falls within certain dimensions it can be towed by road using our heavy haulage towing vehicle & trailer. That’s why it makes a lot more sense to use a boat towing company compared to someone that owns a tow truck or 4WD. 

More importantly our insurance covers your vessel while we are towing it, whereas standard vehicle insurance may not, that’s what makes our boat towing service a better choice. We are licensed, qualified and experienced at towing oversize loads and some examples of large boats we can move include;

  • Sea Ray 250 27 foot v-hull
  • Four Winns Vista 278 29 foot v-hull
  • Sea Ray 205 Sport bowrider v-hull 21 foot
  • Sea Ray 275 Sundancer sports cruiser 29 foot v-hull
  • Whittley Cruisemaster 700 23 foot sports cruiser v-hull
and many other types of large boats.

It is critical to understand the latest towing requirements for large boats in Australia. This is why you hire a transportation company like Slip Away who have the experience and knowledge to safely move your boat. Driving your boat on water is completely different to trying to move a large boat on the main roads of Sydney. Towing an oversized trailer has all types of safety and insurance requirements that have to be considered. So getting your large boat to a boat ramp or to another location isn’t as easy as it may initially seem.

One of the first things to understand is the towing terminology that is used & you have to know this just to work out if you have the right vehicle and trailer to tow your boat. 

  • Tare mass (TM) is the mass of the trailer unladen, as it leaves the factory, ready to be registered and used. TM does not include the boat or options fitted (except factory-fitted options).

  • Gross trailer mass (GTM) is the mass that can be carried by the trailer’s wheels, with everything on the trailer (the boat, outboards, fuel, your gear etc).

  • Tow ball mass (TBM) is the amount of the trailer’s mass imposed on the tow ball of your tow vehicle.

  • Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) is the combination of GTM and TBM. Imagine your trailer boat, all loaded up but sitting on its jockey wheel — that mass sitting on the road is ATM.

This is just the beginning of what you need to understand and why for many boat owners it is more sensible and less stressful to hire a professional boat moving company to do it for you. 

Why is it better to use a boat towing company for big boat relocations?

Still not really convinced? We quickly did a search online and found photos of different vehicles in the water at ramps or boats that had fallen off trailers on the road – it’s common. It happens when people aren’t really experienced towing a heavy load & when that is mixed with slippery conditions at a ramp then all kinds of problems can happen. That’s why it makes more sense to hire a professional.

Slip Away has custom built towing vehicles that have been specifically engineered and designed to safely tow big boats in Sydney or interstate. We spent the time and effort to ensure we had a towing vehicle fleet that could safely tow all types of large boats. Most typical family vehicles will not be suitable for towing big boats that are 20 foot or longer. It can also damage your vehicle in terms of putting extra stress on drivetrain components like gearbox, transmission, axles, wheel bearings and even suspension. 

What is a large or big boat? Well we consider them to be anything between 20 foot and 60 foot, larger sizes are typically referred to as motor yachts and have different considerations to consider, even escort vehicles.

You need the right tow vehicle and tow bar. If you are going to try do it yourself you have to make sure both your vehicle and the towbar have a plate or sticker noting maximum permitted towing mass figures, both for total towing mass and TBM (the vehicle towing capacities are usually on a sticker fitted to the trailing edge of the driver’s door.) You have to be very careful here because for example a Holden VFII Commodore can tow 2100kg but Holden offers a choice of 1200kg, 1600kg or 2100kg towbars so if you try to tow 3500kg then a 2000kg-rated towball is no use to you and can be extremely unsafe.

You also have to look at things like the vehicle’s weight and these maximums include kerb mass, axle mass, gross vehicle mass and gross combined mass. Towing speed limits are also critical to understand, before you worry about State limits the vehicle manufacturers cap maximum speeds when towing. So your vehicle may only be able to travel 80km/h, while our equipment may be able to achieve the prevailing speed limit of up to 110km/h in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, NT, SA and the ACT. Doesn’t sound like a big difference but if you are towing from Brisbane to Sydney that can add hours to your trip.  Then you have to consider things like trailer brakes as they are necessary especially for a GTM of between 2000kg-4500kg,  In all jurisdictions, for boats no more than 2.90m wide, you’ll need ‘Oversize’ signs on the front of the tow vehicle and the rear of the trailer, and four flags on the trailer, all of which need to be to Australian Standards specifications.

The list goes on and on, even little things like a tow vehicle’s low-beam headlights must be on during the day (except NSW, where Daytime Running Lights – where fitted – are acceptable).You can’t travel in poor-visibility conditions (fog, heavy rain, smoke) or other conditions where visibility is less than 250m. You can’t tow closer than 200m behind another oversize vehicle except when overtaking or in an urban area. In NSW, oversize trailer boats up to 2.70m width cannot travel between sunset and midnight and can only travel between midnight and sunrise in certain areas.

So towing a big or oversized boat across borders and interstate does require a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations, that is why hiring Slip Away becomes the simple choice to move your large boat quickly and safely.

What are typical boat towing costs in Australia?

Before you consider towing an oversized boat just send us an email to get a quote so we can give you an estimate for price comparison sake. You will be surprised how cost effective it can be. Having a big boat on a trailer isn’t for the faint hearted & that is just considering the time it spends on the road, what about getting it into the water?

Just give us a few details and we’ll work out a package price to tow your boat on a cradle and/or our trailer & take it where you need.