Don't build a slip cradle,
just hire one

Slip Away has custom built mobile slip cradles for hire


You can rent a mobile slip cradle instead of building one

If you are thinking about pulling your boat out of the water the first thing you have to work out is where or how you will do it. If you own a boat trailer then of course in most cases you can pull it out of the water yourself. Then the boat can stay on the trailer to do what you need to do, although some trailers don’t provide a lot of access to the hull. 

Although if you don’t have a trailer what are your options? One of them is to either build, buy or rent a mobile slip cradle that enables you to stored the vessel so you can have access to it while it is out of the water. 

A boat cradle can come in all shapes and sizes to hold different boats and some people might build their own boat cradle out of timber, especially for smaller boats. Although for large boats that are 20 foot to 60 foot in size this isn’t feasible. There are too many potential safety issues unless you are a qualified engineer with all the necessary steelwork equipment, you might even need a steel detailer to assist.

The easier option? 
Just rent a mobile boat cradle to avoid all the hassle, you pay less than $100 per week & we can lift them onto our trailer to either move the boat to a repairer or take it to a boat ramp to put it back in the water.

Can a mobile slip cradle be used to get a boat out of the water?

Slip Away Boat Transport has specialist trailer equipment that enables you to get your boat out of the water and onto a boat cradle. It means we can meet you at a boat ramp to pick up your boat and move it by road to where you need it. Our boat cradles have been designed specifically for this purpose and is forms part of our boat transportation services that we provide. Getting your boat out of the water at a boat ramp is cheaper and easier than trying to do it at a marina or doing it yourself.

Learn about our Float On Float Off service

What is the benefit of using a boat cradle?

Just look at the access you get to the hull of your boat – a boat cradle is the perfect way to clean or paint your boat hull as you get amazing access all the way around compared to a normal boat trailer. It makes all those difficult jobs like anti fouling so much easier to accomplish while it is on a cradle.

Is your boat insured if we pick it up on a boat cradle?

Slip Away Boat Transport provides insurance coverage for your boat while it is in our care. We take special care to make sure it is loaded onto our boat cradle with protection for the hull, engines and other fittings before we move it anywhere. You can also read our guide on how to prepare your boat for transport to make sure you know exactly what is required. 

At the end of the day we look after everything for you, the only thing you need to do is turn up at the boat ramp on time so we can meet you with our transport vehicle.

Is hiring a mobile slip cradle worth it?

Absolutely because is cheaper than buying a trailer which could cost $4,000 or more for a good one. You have complete control over your boat and where it is located. It saves so much time and hassle and we have the right vehicle to tow your boat too. That’s why we suggest getting a boat transport quote online by simply filling in our quote form and we can help you work out what is more effective for your situation.

We can meet you at a local boat ramp, pull your boat out & you don’t need to worry about paying for trailer hire or how to drive safely on the road while towing your boat

Just give us a few details and we’ll work out a package price to pick up your boat on a cradle & take it where you need.