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How to move a 27 foot Caribbean cruiser interstate from Rose Bay boat ramp

We have quite a few customers who use our Interstate Boat Transport service to move their boat by road between Sydney & Melbourne. The owner of this Caribbean 2700 family cruiser uses his boat mainly to go fishing or do day trips around Sydney Harbour. 

In the warmer months he organises to have the boat taken back down to Rosebud in Melbourne where he uses it in Port Philip Bay. The Caribbean 2700 is a great all rounder and you can buy them either in open sports runabout or flybridge configurations making it really flexible for all types of use. 

With a twin out-board transom the 2700 is a large boat that has a really open and uncluttered cockpit with no engine box getting in the way like the old models did. This is perfect, especially for families to use this boat for a mix of fun or fishing. It’s practical too with a built in bait tank and transom door giving it an easy to use layout that is ideal as a harbour day boat or offshore fisher.

Usually the boat is moored in Sydney Harbour because the owner doesn’t own a trailer. So we asked him to meet us at Rose Bay boat ramp so that we could float the boat straight onto our trailer to then take it by road down to Victoria. We do this for large boats between 20 and 30 foot in size.

This boat ramp is one of the best ones to use in Sydney because it is quite wide & the bay is fairly sheltered from the wind, although it can be busy, especially on weekends.


Moving a boat from Sydney to Melbourne for different times of the year

This Caribbean 27 footer spends most of its life up in Sydney on the harbour. Although for some months of the year it is taken back down to Melbourne to Mullies Underwater Services where it is stored on hard stands ready for use down there.

Quite often it is taken out on Port Phillip Bay as there are so many great recreational spots and some are great for fishing like;

The StickWhiting, Pinkies, Flathead, Snapper
Between the Stick & Altona PierBig juicy leatherjackets
Water between Altona Pier & Point CookOne of the best flathead fishing in the bay, about 15-20 fish per hour

So while it is in Melbourne it stays with Mullies stored on hardstands in their storage yard. It is a great location to because it is just ten minutes away from Tootgarook boat ramp which has direct access to the bay. 

While it is in Melbourne, Mullies can also provide cleaning, detailing and antifouling services, so it means the boat can be ready for use around Victoria or when it is brought back up to Sydney whenever he needs it. 

This saves the hassle of trying to look after it on a mooring or trying to store it at a house. Mullies also provide mechanical servicing so they can take a look at any engine issues or even do things like repair fibreglass if the boat needed it.

So for this situation you have the best of both worlds – you can use your boat all year round in different locations & make sure it is running efficiently by having the right services on hand. It is the best way to get the most use out of a large boat in Australia.

Relocating a boat to Port Philip Bay in Melbourne from Sydney

Come on, seriously that answer is simple right – any time your partner lets you right?

Ok on a serious note, most people go to the bay to do a bit of fishing. They say that the best time to go snapper fishing in Melbourne would between October, November and December. Although I’ve heard a few people say you can find them right up until May/June but really the prime water temperature is 15-19 degrees and anything warmer reduces their numbers. Although really when it comes to fishing on Port Phillip Bay with your boat there is so much choice. Some of Australia’s best seafood, including Red Snapper and King George whiting live in this body of water. Plus for those that like it there is also the Gummy Shark, Mulloway and Garfish, Flathead, Trevally and Bream plus lots of Squid.

It is no wonder this Caribbean owner gets away from the Sydney summer crowds on the harbour and gets his boat down to the quiet waters around Melbourne.


Save money and transport a 20 to 40 foot by road instead of driving by water

For people that own large boats, especially ones that are 25 foot or larger you can consider driving your boat by water and taking it up or down the coast of Australia. Some models will be more suitable than others to do this with & of course if you don’t have the experience it could be relatively dangerous. Although the bigger consideration is the time it takes, fuel used, engine hours & whether the prevailing weather conditions will be suitable or not.

That is why so many people choose to use a boat transporter because we can tow it using the major freeways to quickly get it to the location you want. Yes the cost will vary depending on the distance but it could be $500 or $5,000 depending what it is, although when you consider the alternatives it is actually more cost effective in the long run.