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Transport a large
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Do you need a trailer for a large boat?

For our boat transportation service we usually think of a large boat as a marine vessel that is 15 to 30 foot in length. These larger sports cruisers, fishing boats or cuddy cabin style boats that are too big to move around by hand on a trailer & will often require a tow vehicle.

Larger boats that are 20 foot or longer can be put onto a trailer to be moved but there are lots of rules & regulations that have to be followed (which are different in each state). That is why for many people it is easier and less stressful to not worry about owning a trailer or even hiring one, it is more efficient to get a boat transportation quote and have a professional move the boat on their heavy haulage trailers instead.

Transport a large boat without a trailer from a marina

The most common request we get is to pick up a boat from a marina & put it onto one of our trailers. Most boat owners keep their vessel moored at a Marina as it is the most convenient way to manage your boat plus it saves the hassle of owning or needing to use a boat trailer.

So instead of buying a new trailer which might cost $10,000 or more, it becomes easier and more cost effective to have someone transport your boat by road for you.

A transportation company like Slip Away can pick your boat up even if it doesn’t have a trailer by going to the Marina and having it lifted onto one of our specialist transport trucks or mobile slip cradles.

We can then drop it off anywhere you like. We’ve even had quite a few clients get their boat transported interstate from Rose Bay Marina to Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast.

What large boat brands can Slip Away transport?

The simple answer is that we can transport any brand of large boat. All of our equipment can be adapted to suit any hull shape or size. 

The most popular brands of boat that we get asked to transport include Arvor, Sea Ray, Bayliner, Cruise Craft and Mustang. 

Although we can transport literally any brand or model of boat because we have specially built trailers that are custom built for boat transportation by road.

Buy a boat interstate and transport it without a trailer

These days it is really easy to buy and sell boats online that are located anywhere in Australia. This gives you so many more choices and even better bargaining power by being able to find a boat you want to buy interstate and not just locally. 

One of the biggest questions we get asked is ‘If I buy a boat interstate do I need a trailer to get it home’ – the simple answer is no. 

There are two choices;

1. We can pick it up even if it doesn’t have a trailer & this can be done from a boat dealer, boat ramp or a marina.

2. If the boat does come with a trailer we can either tow it or put the boat plus the trailer onto our transport vehicles. 

We then deliver it by road to the destination you need. So for example if you lived in Sydney and bought a boat on the Gold Coast we can pick it up & then drop it into the water for example in Newport boat ramp for you. So you don’t need to buy a trailer or try and organise one yourself, we can do it all for you so you can transport a boat without a trailer

Boat transport by road between Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane without a trailer

If you need boat transport by road we are able to do this with regular routes going between Sydney and Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane or even Brisbane to Melbourne. 

We can help you do it without needing to own or hire a trailer. It’s possible for us to come to you at any marine, boat ramp, storage facility or even a home to get the boat, then bring it Interstate by road transport to Sydney. 

It’s just one of the many boat moving service options that we have available. How much it costs to transport a boat interstate will depend on the exact dimensions, weight and distances that need to be travelled. 

Although we can give you a boat transport quote online by simply filling in our quote form.

Get boat restoration without using a boat trailer

We’ve had quite a few clients that decided to get their boat restored although they needed to get it out of the water and then moved around between the different service providers like Sydney Wooden Boat Restorations  or getting antifouling done or the hull looked at from someone like Gelcoat Fibreglass Boat Repairers

If you don’t own a trailer we can pick up your boat from a local ramp then put it onto one of our mobile slip cradles to then be moved to the locations you need to get work done. 

So this could be for restorations, repairs or even servicing. It becomes a simpler and easier way to manage your boat and you don’t need to worry about having the right vehicle to tow it, the right trailer to take the weight or the expertise needed to get it out of the water. Our transportation service does it all for you so you can transport a boat without a trailer

Is cheap boat trailer hire worth it?

Well we know from experience that some people will chose the option of renting a cheap boat trailer and run the risk of damaging your boat or your vehicle. Just do a quick Google Search to see how many people lose their vehicles into the water at boat ramps.

Other considerations include the time involved to pick up the trailer, get a tow vehicle, make sure everything meets local laws, loading the boat etc. It is like any service, when you use someone that is experienced and qualified the job can be done faster and easier.

That’s why we suggest getting a boat transport quote online by simply filling in our quote form and we can help you work out what is more cost effective.


How can you salvage a boat without a boat trailer?

Slip Away can work together with a specialist boat salvage operator to help move your boat from the beach or any other location once it has been salvaged. You can get it taken somewhere to get repairs and boat transportation experience means we can help rescue your boat and get it taken to a marina or repair workshop depending on the extent of the damage.

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Other questions about boat transportation

This is obviously one of the most asked questions about boat transport. Costs range from $900 to $8000 and will vary depending on where the boat is being picked up from, the distance it has to travel and the type of boat it is. The cost isn’t just for the time it is in transit, there is also the loading and unloading time, administration time, logistics management time etc that is required and forms part of the cost. 

Yes with our specialist trailer we can transport your trailer boat to nearly any location you like.

We specialise in 15 to 30 foot size boats. If you have someone smaller our equipment may not be suitable.

Trailer boat transport costs range from $900 to $8000 and will vary depending on where the boat is being picked up from, the distance it has to travel and the type of boat it is. The cost isn’t just for the time it is in transit, there is also the loading and unloading time, administration time, logistics management time etc that is required and forms part of the cost.

Yes we offer boat transport in Sydney but can also provide transportation services interstate to all locations in Melbourne, Victoria or locations in Queensland like the Gold Coast, Port Douglas or Airlie Beach.

Yes we can pick up and transport a boat from interstate with our specialist trailers. It makes buying a boat really simple and easy as we do all the work for you.

Yes we provide free quotations for all our boat freight services and need to know more details about the boat, location to/from and the timeframe you are working with.
Well boat shipping is the same as boat transport. We can move a small, big or large boat as well as yachts either in Sydney or interstate. We specialise in east coast boat transport.
This is one of those random questions about boat transport we get asked from time to time. Yes we can do transport and shipping for all types of boats including sailboats, yachts and houseboats.
Yes we have full Marine Transit Cover Insurance which insures your boat while it is being transported to give you peace of mind. This is not an additional charge or hidden expense, we included it in our pricing.
This will depend on the type of boat and the distance it needs to travel. Transporting a boat can take a day or a week it just depends on the circumstances but we can advise you at the time of getting a quote or making a booking.

We think buying a boat trailer is a waste of time and money. They can cost over ten thousand dollars and sit around most of the time not doing anything. You can hire a mobile slip cradle for as little as $66 per week.

No unfortunately, if you get involved it can actually make the process slower and add risk. Our team of professionals are fully qualified and have been handling boat transport situations for many years. You could provide a cup of coffee or a beer afterwards though.

We manufacture, design and service all our boat trailers in house using our expert knowledge and experience moving boats from all kinds of locations.
The earlier we know, the more flexible we can be with dates and times to transport your boat. If our week fills up then the transport dates available will be reduced as we have to manage trucks going up and down the coast.