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We'll move your boat to another waterway so you can go fishing

Forget about fishing in the same river, lake or waterway year after year. We’ve got specialist trailer and tow vehicle that can pull your boat out of the water & take it to another waterway. We move large fishing boats that are 20 foot or larger & make it easy to go fishing at different spots up or down the east coast of Australia. 

We help heaps of people that can buy a new or used fishing boat in New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria from a boat dealer, private seller or auction. It’s so easy these days to buy a boat online and then organise for it to be transported to where you want to use it. Slip Away moves fishing boats by road to some of the top fishing waterways in Australia. 

We have some owners who move their boat to suit the seasons migration patterns of different fish types or the weather. We can go practically anywhere because our tow vehicle can get into tight spaces. Some of our favourite spots include;


1. Mallacoota which is a small town located in the eastern region of Victoria. Off the coast is one of the best fishing spots in the state. You can find salmon and gummy sharks, as well as the snapper, kingfish and flathead. It’s always a great spot for relaxing as well with attractions like its wilderness coast, birdwatching, surfing and boating. I love taking boats there by road, its always a great trip.


2. Lakes Entrance is not far from Mallacoota, and it is an area surrounded by many lakes. Lakes Entrance acts as a central hub to these lakes which is some of the best fishing water Victoria has to offer, You can get bream, flathead, trevally and luderick in this area.


3. Sunshine Coast everyone knows this as one of the major metropolitan areas located on the coast of Queensland. You’ll find several lakes in the area, where you get bass and saratoga. Near the coast, you may find flathead, bream, mangrove jack, whiting and other species. If you want a mix of freshwater or saltwater fish, Sunshine Coast has a little of everything and it isn’t as busy as the Gold Coast.


4. Cape York is for those that really want to get serious, the large peninsula is on the northern tip of Queensland. Though wilderness covers most of the peninsula, you can find incredible fishing locations at the tip and not too many people. Many species inhabit the area, including Spanish mackerel, cobia, queenfish, trevally and even coral trout. 


5. Cairns is great if you want to leave the family to enjoy the attractions while you head out on the boat. Like the other coastal cities, Cairns holds a reputation as a great fishing spot. Located near the Great Barrier Reef, this region hosts a wide range of fish species. A boat or a fishing charter can come in handy to find some of the best spots around the Great Barrier Reef and you have to be careful about the protected areas.


6. Jervis Bay is one of my favourite areas and another coastal location with terrific locations. The area holds a wide variety of locals and fish species. If you’re lucky, you might catch a marlin, but flathead, bream and whiting also come in great abundance. We have lots of people put their boat in the water here or further down at Bateman’s Bay


7. South West Rocks is a quaint village located about 450km north of Sydney and I keep promising Nicole I will take her there. This spot remains mostly overlooked by tourists as it is off the beaten path, but ideal for a quiet getaway on holidays or long weekends. The city boasts a number of great fishing locations perfect for catching coastal fish.

Boat transport for a fishing boat that doesn't have a trailer

If you don’t have a boat trailer for your fishing boat you can still get it transported to another location to use it to go fishing. One of the unique services that Slip Away offers is to pick your boat up at a boat ramp. We literally take it out of the water for you on our specially built heavy duty boat trailers. It means you simply drive your boat to a local boat ramp, then we do all the hard work to get it out of the water for you.

We can then tow your boat by road to another destination so you can move your boat from say Noosa Heads to Sorrento very easily.

Using vs storing your boat

The biggest problem most boat owners have to face is that they either can’t or don’t want to use their boat all year round. Typically it is because the weather isn’t suitable or maybe the type of fish they like to catch aren’t in season in the local waterways. So the benefit of moving your boat to another location is you can chase migration patterns or just go somewhere that has nicer weather.

Move your boat from cold, chilly, Melbourne up to Cairns and do some deep sea fishing.

Boat towing for Arvor 705 and 805 fishing boats

Earlier this year Arvor launched the new Sportsfish range of fishing boats in their model line up. Slip Away was chosen as the local boat transport company to move the first models to arrive in Australia by road to the boat dealer. We picked up the Arvor 805 Sportsfish fishing boat from the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in Queensland and took it to ABS. The Arvor 805 had already been announced and it is followed by the 705 which is a new generation of fishing boats from this famous brand. Arvor focus on building boats specifically for fishing. To them it isn’t just a hobby it can become a lifestyle for many people. That is why Slip Away transport so many boats from Sydney to the Central Coast or Queensland as boat owners want to get to different waterways as the seasons change.

These new fishing boats from Arvor are for the serious sea lovers who enjoy fishing, so many small details included on these boats

  • Fishing amenities including a fish station with livewell system and cutting board.
  • A large fish locker with oxygenated water system, raw water washdown, rod holders, and port and starboard toe rails.
  • High freeboards for optimal safety when fishing.
  • Slightly asymmetrical cabin with full walkaround and three access sliding doors.
  • Multiple engine configuration from 115 up to 225hp

What makes the Arvor 705 so unique is the free flowing open cabin with a very ergonomic open design that is perfect for moving about and handling your gear. You can control the boat from the skipper’s chair or there is an optional second helm on the deck using top quality electronics. They aren’t short on power with engine options up to 225hp and an seven person capacity ensures there is plenty of space for your mates or a family for a trip.

This brand of European boats takes all the things needed for big game fishing but packs it all into a pretty compact pilothouse-equipped boat that sits on a rough-water hull. It means you can get out into the open ocean in relative comfort without needing a huge game fishing boat. The top of the line Arvor 805 Sportsfish was redesigned last year from the keel up and is the first of their new line of ‘Sportsfish’ models with pricing starting from $134,500 when fitted with a 225hp Mercury V6 four-stroke outboard engine. 

That price doesn’t include a trailer but that doesn’t matter as this boat will spend its life in the water, Slip Away can help you transport it from one place to the other, we pick it up from a boat ramp for you. It is a pretty expensive boat but it has an extensive list of standard equipment like a self-draining deck; two large kill tanks on either side of the floor: a floodlight; a walk-around transom; starboard cockpit gate; raw water deck wash,  four stainless steel gunnel rod holders and more.

How much does it cost to move a fishing boat?

It costs $100 inc gst to move your fishing boat, unbelievable right? 

Absolutely – in fact there is no ‘set price’ to work out the costs to move a fishing boat. We have to consider the size, weight, distance & timing needed before we can calculate a price. So it will vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Just send us an email to get a quote for our boat transport costs. You will be surprised how cost effective it can be. Having a big boat on a trailer isn’t for the faint hearted & that is just considering the time it spends on the road, what about getting it into the water?